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doom32x4 04-17-13 10:22 AM

The Meaning of Being a True Spur
The Spurs rarely take chances. But to acquire Kawhi Leonard with the 15th pick in the 2011 NBA draft, they took one in giving up on point guard George Hill. In three seasons with San Antonio, Hill had evolved into one of the most beloved role players in recent team history because he expertly followed Gregg Popovich's Guide to Making It in the NBA by Maximizing Your Strengths and Not Doing Anything Else. Many other players have passed through the Spurs development ranks to become solid contributors on NBA teams, but Hill was the best definition of a Spur — someone who overachieved by focusing on defense, developing a corner 3, and trusting his professional existence in the hands of franchise leaders. He was a "Pop Guy," even if that label seems to inflate the market value of former Spurs.

More at....
Kawhi Leonard and the future of the San Antonio Spurs' Big Three - Grantland

MichaelWi101 04-17-13 11:17 AM

"But Kawhi Leonard never gives you much. He avoids eye contact. He's shy, even awkward, on the court. His body language makes Tim Duncan seem like Rasheed Wallace. He has frightened eyes, though he never plays frightened. Those eyes make me wonder if he's holding something back. I'm waiting for a moment when Leonard comes alive and realizes how great he can be, a moment when he realizes his significance. He's a generational bridge between the Spurs' deteriorating core and the future of the franchise."

Brutally honest article, and hopefully this is the year that Kawhi comes alive and dominates.

esparzar1 04-17-13 02:17 PM

Good article, I'm really hoping he can do something in this years playoffs, with that being said. I still think he's one year away from "offically" being part of the "Big 3" or game changer. But, I still have hope. He's shown glimpses of how great he can be, but has yet to totally put it together. He's still on 21 and would be a Sr. this year in college. It will come with time.....the question is, do the Spurs really have time? Sad to say, I don't think they do. To be continued............

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