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disciple 03-28-13 11:33 AM

Tonight should be enough of Blair
It was very apparent that Dejuan Blair can not be on the floor with the bigs of the West.

Be it Denver, OKC, Clippers, Lakers or Grizzlies he will just be dominated by their bigs.

He will not be around next year because he will seek a deal elsewhere that we can't match.

Now is the time to be playing Aron Baynes just to see if he can be a serviceable big on the defensive end with no expectation other than rebounding on the offensive end.

Surely, we can make that happen. We will need his size!

clovisnmspurfan 03-28-13 02:46 PM

Blair brings a different dimension to the game. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. He was a starter a couple of years ago. His game is still the same, we just have better options now.

Jose_TheGenius 03-28-13 06:30 PM

enough of Blair should've been when he can't rebound against athletic tall bigs. he can do it against tall slower bigs, but elite teams don't have those these days. he could easily dominate (like he did his rookie season) against slower bigs and get rebounds after having his shot blocked, but teams have caught on to him.

the guy genuinely tries out there, but that doesn't mean squat if he can't produce.

KAD 03-28-13 08:27 PM

I would like to see Baynes get some time as he can be a bruiser and we need those in the playoffs.

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