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thesuspence281 03-13-13 08:01 PM

A tough couple weeks beginning March 27
And technically we could even say it starts 3 days before when the Spurs play @Houston.

How do you see the spurs doing if parker is out for any or all of these games?

In the 4-6 week timeline I've been hearing/reading for parker from when he got injured on the 1st, that puts him back around the Clippers game for the 4 week timeframe but not until after this stretch if it has to be as long as 6.

March 27 - Nuggets
March 29 - Clips
March 31 - Heat - I could see pop sitting "injured" players again just so the heat dont get the psychological advantage over the spurs if they were to meet in the finals but the standings may dictate it at that point
April 1 - @Grizzlies - second of b2b
April 3 - Magic - the only "gimme" in this stretch unless pop sits a bunch of guys again having OKC next night
April 4 - @Thunder - second of a b2b
April 6 - Hawks
April 10 - @Nuggets

Anyone care to give their predictions on how they think the spurs will fare over these next 8 games?

Spurd_On 03-13-13 11:33 PM

That's the way it is when your team is in the Western Conference and you play mostly conference games down the stretch. I look at it as a series of extremely tough playoff practices. Just stay healthy at all cost, hope for the best, be prepared for post season no matter the match-up and hope that confidence survives.

Rzarector7 03-13-13 11:33 PM


thesuspence281 03-14-13 10:22 AM

At this point I may be worried more about the denver games than almost any of the other ones in that stretch by the way they have been playing the last couple months. I'm pretty sure they have had the best record in the new year other than the heat and they are just playing with so much energy, I'm hoping OKC has to go through them in the playoffs rather than us.

clovisnmspurfan 03-14-13 01:58 PM

Bring it on.....and stay healthy.

thesuspence281 03-27-13 09:24 AM

I'm hoping spurs can go at least 5-3 for this stretch. Hopefully one of the wins is against the thunder so that we can still be on top after this hell of a two week schedule.

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