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Jose_TheGenius 03-08-13 12:10 PM

Spurs are drawing closer to 50 wins... again
The San Antonio Spurs are about to reach a milestone for the team that they thought wouldn't happen again after the team got older and started dropping from the defensive ratings these past few years.

The Spurs are about to enter their 14th season of reaching 50 wins this season, only two shy of this accomplishment.

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Spurd_On 03-08-13 01:18 PM

I've never heard it mentioned from anyone in the Spurs "that they thought" they "wouldn't" reach 50 wins again.

However, it is an amazing accomplishment about to be repeated.

Rzarector7 03-08-13 01:51 PM

Great accomplishment like Spurd said above, but I seriously doubt anyone thought they would not hit 50 again this year, especially in a full season.

alh1020 03-08-13 02:14 PM

If I may plagiarize this one time --- "In Pop We Trust".

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