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alh1020 03-03-13 09:12 AM

Another Wilt feat tough to match
By Mike Monroe

This weekend last year, the basketball world paid tribute to the 50th anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game.

The date passed this year with little fanfare, though Comcast SportsNet re-examined the game from March 2, 1962, and posed the question: Will anyone ever match the feat? Reporter Matt Steinmetz interviewed Al Attles, a former Chamberlain teammate and Warriors general manager, who concluded there will never be another 100-point NBA game unless baskets are upgraded to four points apiece.

Attles’ assertion may or may not hold up, but there is one Chamberlain record that truly seems insurmountable: Minutes per game for a season. In 1961-62, he played every minute of every game, including overtimes, finishing with a per-game average of 48.5.

That’s never going to happen again. Heck, in today’s NBA, it’s notable when a player plays one complete game, as Golden State’s Stephen Curry did Wednesday when he scored 54 points against the Knicks.

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alh1020: Mr Monroe says that Wilt's minutes per game average will never be bettered again which begs the question, who will put up the next 100+ game, individually? Who do you think?

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