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tenthousandaces 02-24-13 09:36 PM

Do you think Tucker dislikes Ginobili?
Just sayin'

Jose_TheGenius 02-25-13 12:36 AM

guy was just frustrated. he knew he wasn't fouling much, but when you're stuck in that mindset and don't adjust bad things happen. those ticky tack fouls cost him minutes at the end.

alh1020 02-25-13 08:34 AM

Consecutive fouls beyond the 3 point line against Manu can scramble anyone's eggs.

dark21horse 02-25-13 09:24 AM

Tucker isn't the only person in the NBA who dislikes Ginobili. I mean.....he's like a rash......he gets under your skin. The good new is that he is our RASH.

Spurd_On 02-25-13 12:27 PM

I don't know what he thinks of Manu but I don't think he has the coordination and smarts to play close in defense.

Guille 02-25-13 01:26 PM

The Phoenix commentators last night said: "Manu Ginobili is the kind of player you love if he´s on your team, but there are 29 teams that will hate him"

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