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bkp65 02-23-13 12:33 AM

bigger guards on parker
Bigger defenders on Parker like Golden States Thompson seems to give him the most problems. That will be a concern come playoff time.

JuanCaca 02-25-13 09:09 AM

yeah, thats thabo sefolosha task...

alh1020 02-25-13 01:56 PM

I seem to recall Lebron James taking a shot at TP during the 2007 NBA Finals when we swept Cleveland 4-0. And I think James was effective too but the rest of the Spurs stepped up to compensate.

mckennaspur1 02-25-13 05:07 PM

Just like the days when Pop relied exclusively on TD and the 4-down play, the current Spurs need to hatch a Plan B for those teams that can stop TP's dribble penetration moves. There's another 8 weeks or so to add to the offense menu.

katyspursfan 02-25-13 05:25 PM

I'd like to see Pop blow a couple games for no other reason than to implement a different gameplan. Throw in 3-4 variations of the playoff plan, but at least try it before May.

Then again, in a 7 game series, you may just be whistling by the graveyard. Better team wins.

Spurd_On 02-25-13 06:29 PM

We now know that Parker was hurting after the Clippers game so although Thompson gave him problems, maybe not so much so if TP was healthy.

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