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Joe Tango from San Diego 02-21-13 11:25 PM

He should win MVP... Yes, I'm talking about Le...
... Blur!!!!! Viva La France!!!
Freaking Tony Parker is owning the clippers and cp3!!!

You got the TNT guys talking about Tony Parker winning the MVP for goodness sakes!!!! Go Spurs Go!

Mombear 02-21-13 11:34 PM

yeah but lebron is going to get it...just because... :rolleyes

Joe Tango from San Diego 02-21-13 11:35 PM

Now Now MB... Not even MJ won every year... And yes, he should have.

"The trick to walking on water is knowing to step where the rocks just below the water are..."

Rzarector7 02-21-13 11:37 PM

That would be nice if he atleast gets consideration! He has been GREAT this year! We all know Lebron will get it, but Parker is easily top 3 IMO right now.

Joe Tango from San Diego 02-21-13 11:56 PM

It's not even midnight yet San Antone... Go to sleep. This game is OVER but the final score...

Uwe Blab 02-22-13 07:26 AM

He definitely should. But consider this: The Spurs just handily beat the 4th best team in the league that had all their players healthy while the Heat handily beat a team that is missing their best player and is barely over .500... and the headlines are about how the Heat made some kind of a statement. Advantage Lebron.

KAD 02-22-13 09:28 AM

TNT can talk all they want but ESPN is still carrying a "Heat Seeking" daily column.. so they are all too enamoured with the Heat and LBJ. Le Blurr will now get more press and if he takes his game to another level he'll get it!

Money4Nothing 02-22-13 03:23 PM

Even though the Spurs have a better record, Miami is still a championship team, and they have the best player in the NBA on their team. So right now, LeBron deserves MVP.

HOWEVER.... IF Parker keeps up what he's doing for the rest of the year, and the Spurs end up with the best record, and LeBron has any kind of dip in performance, then Parker would and should have a legitimate shot at the MVP award.

But right now LeBron is just playing wayyyy too good to deny him the MVP.


katyspursfan 02-22-13 03:36 PM


Originally Posted by Rzarector7 (Post 1292702)
That would be nice if he atleast gets consideration! He has been GREAT this year! We all know Lebron will get it, but Parker is easily top 3 IMO right now.

I don't know about easily, but easily in the top 3 conversation.

James and Durant are a step up from the next group of

in any order.

Tony has been fantastic, but you are fooling yourself (or just the forum) if you wouldn't make an even trade of Parker for James.

Eddy from Austin 02-22-13 04:22 PM

Chuck on Parker for MVP

Eddy from Austin 02-22-13 04:23 PM

Tony Parker's Top Ten Plays

TodTango 02-22-13 05:52 PM

What I find sad is that because much of the American media OUTSIDE of Texas likes to NOT talk about the Spurs or they talk up what their opponents DID NOT do to beat the Spurs or they talk about the Spurs begrudgingly, as if it's painful to talk about their fundamental brilliance... then TP will not get the needed consideration.

IMHO I think that what's working against him and many of our Spurs is the Nationalism that the media has. In essence, since TP is a Frenchman instead of an American from Chicago or Manu is from Argentina instead of East LA, then our players has that much further to go to get consideration.

Assuming that Tony doesn't get the MVP, the ultimate F U would be that, in addition, the powers that be relegate him to SECOND TEAM ALL-NBA behind Chris Paul even if Tony finishes higher in both Regular and Playoff success.

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