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Jose_TheGenius 02-16-13 05:31 PM

Duncan: Spurs’ defense not there yet, but close
HOUSTON – 12 days ago, I wrote a column with some very specific data that was showing several parallels on the defensive side of the ball between the current 2013 San Antonio Spurs and the teams of their past championships: 2003, 2005, and 2007.

Being that it is All-Star weekend, I was presented with the opportunity to ask Spurs All-Star forward Tim Duncan about some of the parallels I had found in my column and if he could speak on the team’s defense this season as opposed to the past few seasons.

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spurduncan21 02-16-13 05:57 PM

Hey yall, its not like we are there now, but we have a very exciting team now, As a huge spurs fan, this is a very exciting time to be a fan as ever. WE are playing at an elite level already and are midst the possibility of acquiring further in the form of Josh Smith or AJ, Personally hoping for AJ without ever having to give up Tiago. Lets go Spurs!! Plenty of time to get acclimated as a group.

Spurd_On 02-16-13 11:02 PM

Duncan's statement holds far more water with me than any of the trade or acquisition rumors floating about. He's talking like the Spurs are going with the current roster and ramping up concentration on defense. I don't know that they have the talent to accomplish that goal but it seems to be the team mindset.

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