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Jose_TheGenius 02-10-13 06:53 PM

RUMOR: Bulls interested in Blair?
DeJuan's Blair season has been frustrating, to put it lightly.

The third year power forward hasn't seen too many minutes this season with the San Antonio Spurs, averaging 14mpg in 37 appearances. The majority of his minutes have came when Tim Duncan has been out of the lineup or there's been a blowout.

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td4mvp2k 02-10-13 07:09 PM

If they can get a 2nd and with Blair out they can get a player for the POs then its a win for the Spurs.

MichaelWi101 02-10-13 07:35 PM

Think they'd give up D Rose for him, Bonner, Neal, Mills, and cash?

theinswes 02-10-13 10:13 PM

isn't blair basically a poor man's taj gibson at this point? not sure where he'd fit in chicago...

alh1020 02-10-13 11:27 PM


Originally Posted by theinswes (Post 1292032)
.....not sure where he'd fit in chicago...

Evidently the Bulls aren't concerned and have an idea how to use him. If we get a decently positioned 2nd rounder, it'd be a plus. It would open a roster vacancy which the Spurs could use down the stretch for their annual parade of 10 day signees.

Eddy from Austin 02-10-13 11:29 PM

Take it for what is worth, the source of this article is a tweet from "Rumor Press"

Jose_TheGenius 02-11-13 12:51 AM


Originally Posted by Eddy from Austin (Post 1292036)
Take it for what is worth, the source of this article is a tweet from "Rumor Press"

all rumors tend to be what they are. look at Sheridan, who's a highly credentialed writer, talk about the possible Spurs/Jazz swap and people flipping out :lol

Guapo 02-11-13 04:02 PM

Those reputable guys aren't going to put their rep on the line for a stupid rumor. They report "truth" as best as they can get it.

WILLTHETHRILL 02-13-13 01:07 PM

Trade Bonner first!

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