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choppsboy 02-09-13 09:33 AM

Begging for a loss
I think Pop relishes the opportunity to play shorthanded against this stretch of weak opponents hoping for a loss like last night. I think Pop wants to avoid another 20 game win streak. . . . . . maybe drop a loss in every 10 11 games or so by resting our injured old players.

I think Manu could play. I think Duncan could play.

What do you guys think?

spursfan9 02-09-13 09:49 AM

yeah, very true.

i wish he didnt relish the opportunity during the playoff against the thunder last year tho. he needs to quit begin for them loses, i wanna win this year in playoffs.

Spurd_On 02-10-13 01:08 AM


Rzarector7 02-10-13 01:29 AM


Originally Posted by Spurd_On (Post 1291984)


KAD 02-10-13 03:56 AM

I think that Pop thinks thinks (and I agree) that the Spurs should easily beat the Pistosn w/o TD and Manu. The team sucked on offense in that game missing gime baskets under and then playing mediocre D

alh1020 02-10-13 05:27 AM

I don’t know if we were begging for a loss but I can say we ran up against a Detroit team who put together a team effort against the best team in the league and we were lucky to have lost by only 10 points. Detroit, shooting 52% from the field, clearly outplayed the Spurs who really never got started. Having been behind by as many as 21 points, every time we’d get the lead down to single digits, Detroit would come back with a big play, most time being a 3 pointer. Even though the Spurs only had 7 turnovers, the Pistons outrebounded us 49-33 with 15 of those being offensive and with their rookie starting center Drummond declared out 4-6 weeks before the game. Detroit just handed us our hats and said ‘not tonight’.

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