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Mombear 02-07-13 07:47 PM

Making The Case For Tony Parker as NBA MVP
Making The Case For Tony Parker as NBA MVP
Written by Jose Grijalva
Thursday, 07 February 2013 11:30

Tony Parker has a strong case to be the league MVP this season.

When you've read or heard a top list about who should be the league MVP this season, you've most likely heard Lebron James, Kevin Durant, or Carmelo Anthony. It's usually those three right now, but there's one name left off that shouldn't and possibly should be higher than those 3 and that's Tony Parker.


(unless your katyspursfan)... :laugh

spurscrazed 02-07-13 09:06 PM

Very Cool Article! Thanks Jose! :thumb


Most outside media guys choose closing their eyes on anyone not named LeBron or Kevin Durant or Carmelo..:rolleyes

TP got some recent attention with the player of the Month!
That is a Great Honor, but hey TP can not be satisfied by that only!!!

I am sure Tony wants his team to go all the way this year.
So Spurs are now figuring their way on how to get there...
TD and Manu will be back soon and this team will come to be much stronger as the season goes on.

If Tony keeps pounding on that rock with such a Strong Desire to be the BEST, Spurs will be a FORCE to recon with come PO time. And all Spurs players will follow once they see such Consistent LEADERSHIP!

This year Spurs will NOT be FADING in the PO by any team!!!
And Spurs will not just keep OWNING the best record in regular season like the last few years, but more importantly they will OWN the Post season too!
No more running out of GAS in the PO! Spurs will find a way to be Stronger and unbeatable!!

Go Spurs Go

shelden 02-08-13 09:38 AM

MVP? Meh

MVP of the NBA Finals is something I can get excited about.

alh1020 02-11-13 06:22 AM

Pop making his pitch after Spurs win against Brooklyn Feb 10th.:

Tony Parker has been so outstanding lately that Spurs coach Gregg Popovich called it "beyond an All-Star level." Does that mean All-NBA? Maybe even MVP? "I think he should be in every conversation for any award that's going to be given," Popovich said. "I don't think that is really tough to see. I mean, there's a group of guys, but he should be in that group as one of the guys that's playing the best in the league." Parker had 29 points and 11 assists in another brilliant performance without his two sidekicks, and San Antonio dominated the second half to beat the Brooklyn Nets 111-86 on Sunday night. USA Today Sports

HoopsHype - San Antonio Spurs Rumors

katyspursfan 02-11-13 04:22 PM

MVP is James.

Dude is just being better than he ever has been.

Parker has been having an awesome season. To think some in the past thought a straight up trade for the #3 pick in the draft (Derrick Favors) would have been in the Spurs' favor...

Money4Nothing 02-11-13 09:30 PM

Agreed, Parker has been ridiculous and phenomenal, but he's not the player that LeBron James is, and he doesn't have the value or impact to the team that James has. Yes Parker has carried the Spurs on his shoulders this season, but the Spurs system has allowed the rest of the players to share the load as well.


e_93gsx 02-12-13 08:07 AM

I would love it but Stern would never allow anyone other than his favorites (meaning fan favorites) LBJ, KD, Melo or someone like that to win.

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