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silvernblackfan 02-06-13 06:22 PM

On the four letter network
Kurt Rambis giving Spurs big props, saying that as far as playing the game of basketball there is not a team that is even a close second or third, he also said the same thing alot of people on here always says, that ” if the Spurs were in new york that's all espn would be talking about. And he thinks the Spurs are for real

clovisnmspurfan 02-06-13 06:58 PM


KAD 02-06-13 07:12 PM

And Kurt was a longtime fakers player!

Dulce 02-06-13 07:54 PM

Great! Who else can he brag about... not the Lakers.

shelden 02-07-13 07:46 PM

That must have been between the breaking news reports on Dwight's shoulder, Pau's foot, and Mamba's latest proclamation.

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