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ATHENEA 02-03-13 03:03 PM

Article: Tim Duncan Injury Creates Uncertainty For Aging Spurs
Tim Duncan Injury Creates Uncertainty For Aging Spurs
Tim Duncan Injury Creates Uncertainty For Aging Spurs

Tim Duncan went down with an injury in the San Antonio Spurs win over the Washington Wizards, putting the immediate future in doubt for one of the NBA’s hottest team.

There were not many details about Duncan’s injury, but the Spurs announced on Twitter that he had sprained his right ankle and left knee and wouldn’t be returning to the game. The injury left Tim Duncan sprawled out on the floor for several minutes, grabbing his right leg before teammates Stephen Jackson and DeJuan Blair helped him to the trainer’s room.

After the game, Tim Duncan‘s teammates didn’t seem too concerned about the injury, The Associated Press reported.

“He’s fine, he’s fine,” Parker said. “It’s nothing big. I’m sure (coach Gregg Popovich) is going to be very conscious about his knee and we’ll see.”

But the injury certainly looked scary to those in attendance. Washington’s Martell Webster rolled onto the back of Duncan’s legs while fighting for a rebound, sending audible gasps throughout the crowd.

“That was scary when you see that,” Washington coach Randy Wittman said. “Those are always the ones you don’t want to see when a guy falls into you while your feet are planted on the ground. I just talked to his doctors and they said he is going to be fine.”

The Tim Duncan injury does hint to a scary trend for the aging Spurs. Duncan had missed the four previous games with soreness in his knee, and though he is averaging 17.5 points and 9.8 rebounds this season, some are questioning the long-term viability of the Spurs.

From NESN:

“Such uncertainty about Duncan’s status has to be worrisome for the Spurs. For all Popovich’s brilliant tinkering, Duncan is the one player the Spurs cannot afford to lose if they plan on postseason success. Popovich absorbs the league’s chastisement over resting Duncan for this very reason. The best coach in the NBA recognizes that all the shrewd lineup-juggling in the world is a poor substitute for a future Hall of Fame center.

“Duncan, at age 36, is still San Antonio’s most indispensable player. His position with the Spurs is similar to Kevin Garnett’s with the Celtics — despite the rise of two All-Star point guards in Tony Parker and Rondo, respectively, the veteran pivots are still their teams’ anchors. Boris Diaw is a fine playmaker from the post and Tiago Splitter is crafty enough to get easy baskets when opponents neglect him, but nobody can replace the overall impact of Duncan.”

The Spurs have not yet said when Tim Duncan will return from the injury.

TodTango 02-03-13 04:27 PM


Tim's knee shows no structural damage.

Kager 02-03-13 04:55 PM

Again with this age nonsense.... they should focus on LA and NY for that now.

MichaelWi101 02-04-13 02:07 PM

Aging????????????????? For pete's sake I sure do wish these guys would stop hiring such lazy headline and article writers.

Eddy from Austin 02-04-13 02:34 PM

This "Aging" Spurs are:

3rd in Scoring
1st in Point Differential
6th in Points Allowed
2nd in Field Goal Percentage
9th in Opponent's Field Goal Percentage
6th in 3 Point Field Goal Percentage
1st in Opponent's 3 Point Field Goal Percentage
5th in Free Throw Percentage
1st in Assists per Game
5th in Assists per Game Allowed
2nd in Assists per Game Differential

They also have the Best Record in the League and have a 10 game winning streak. And have won 18 in a row at home.

Kager 02-04-13 04:33 PM

Last year we were 13th oldest, I couldn't find anything on this year, and that is before the Knicks got old so now we are probably 14th or higher..... I want to consult out to review factual accuracy of articles and get paid by the error, I am going for the Gold Mine called Bleacher Report.... Theres Gold in them there articles.

MichaelWi101 02-04-13 05:32 PM

Here ya go from oldest to youngest - from Hispanosnba.com: NBA news and stats
I spot checked several of the rosters against NBA.com and it's real accurate

1)New York Knicks 31.3
2)Miami Heat 29.9
3)Los Angeles Clippers 29.4
4)Los Angeles Lakers 28.9
5)Dallas Mavericks 28.6
6)Boston Celtics 28.5
7/8)Chicago Bulls 27.9
7/8)San Antonio Spurs 27.9
9)Brooklyn Nets 27.7
10)Atlanta Hawks 27.3
11)Milwaukee Bucks 26.8
12) Utah Jazz 26.7
13)Phoenix Suns 26.6
14)Minnesota Timberwolves 26.3
15)Philadelphia 76ers 26.1
16)Toronto Raptors 25.9
17)Indiana Pacers 25.7
18/19/20/21)Detroit Pistons 25.6
18/19/20/21)Charlotte Bobcats 25.6
18/19/20/21)Sacramento Kings 25.6
18/19/20/21)Orlando Magic 25.6
22)Memphis Grizzlies 25.4
23)Golden State Warriors 25.2
24)Washington Wizards 25.1
25)Portland Trail Blazers 24.9
26)Oklahoma City Thunder 24.8
27)Denver Nuggets 24.7
28)Cleveland Cavaliers 24.5
29)New Orleans Hornets 24.0
30)Houston Rockets 23.7

spurscrazed 02-04-13 07:09 PM

That is okay this is good so Spurs can be thought as an aged team and they can continue flying under the radar.:wink

Ranking 1st team in the NBA but doubters remain the same doubters.

Soon as TD or Manu have few minor set backs Spurs get scratched off the top...:smirk

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