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MRJONESIII 02-02-13 11:44 AM

Injury prone Manu...
I know the Spurs never would trade him, but geez... Injured again! Is it time to flip a trade for him if we get something good back? Paul Milsap, Gordon Haywood. Tyrus Thomas, Gerald Henderson? Or just keep rolling the dice and hope he can hold up the rest of the year and possibly through his next contact. Help me out here or am I alone on this one?

mckennaspur1 02-02-13 02:07 PM

I can't see the Spurs moving him. The emotional connection with Manu is enormous.

But even setting that aside, he is the leader of the second unit and gives that group its identity. The identity stays in place even when Manu is down for a few games at a time with a body tweak.

The same thing is true for Timmy. The past four games have shown that the team identity built around TD stays in place even when he in street clothes for a week.

The current Spurs have enough talent to withstand the brief losses of TD and Manu. They don't have enough talent to replace TP if he should go down (...perish that thought...).

Money4Nothing 02-02-13 08:37 PM

The Spurs aren't going anywhere in the playoffs without healthy Manu and Tim.

But its looking more and more like those days are just about over.

It's been good while it's lasted.


e_93gsx 02-02-13 10:28 PM

Yeah I’m as big a Manu fan as they come but dang that guy is injury prone. His next contract he better be willing to take significantly less or he is just not going to be worth it. To be honest I kind of hope he retires after this contact. Dude just isn’t same even when he is healthy.

Rzarector7 02-02-13 11:30 PM

Yeah I love dude but he does get hurt alot.

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