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SilverSpur 02-01-13 07:44 AM

Oden to choose between Mavs, Cavs, Spurs and others
Best Landing Spots for Greg Oden to Resurrect NBA Career | Bleacher Report

According to ESPN.com's Chris Broussard, Oden's rehabilitation has reached a point where he is confident he will resume his career next season. So confident, in fact, that he will reportedly choose between a smorgasbord of suitors within the next few weeks.

Though Oden has no plans to return to the floor before next year, Broussard writes that the Charlotte Bobcats, Cleveland Cavaliers, Dallas Mavericks, Indiana Pacers, Miami Heat, New Orleans Hornets and San Antonio Spurs all have interest.

While the surplus of interest is a good sign for Oden, are each of his prospective suitors a good fit? Given his injury history, he must be brought along slowly and play under the most ideal of circumstances.

SilverSpur 02-01-13 07:49 AM

This might be the one time the "we're old" argument can actually work in favor of the Spurs.

Tim Duncan isn't going to be around forever, and while Greg Oden isn't the scorer he is, learning from one of the best there ever was could only help him round his game out.

Keeping with that theme, I direct your attention to Tiago Splitter, who has blossomed under the watchful eye of Gregg Popovich and Big Timmy.

Coming in, Splitter had potential on both sides of the ball, yet it was unclear whether his talents could translate into success at the NBA level. Less than three years in, Splitter is now averaging 10.8 points and 5.4 rebounds in just over 23 minutes of action per game.

Just think of what Popovich and company could do for a more dominant presence like Oden.

San Antonio is the perfect balance of experienced and exuberant. They tend to push the ball, yet also don't hesitate to run the ball through the post.

Like the Heat, San Antonio also presents the opportunity to join a proven winner. Only difference (that matters) is the Spurs already have a low-post savant in Duncan and a Hall of Fame coach in Pop.

And if Oden is looking for a situation (and he should be) where he will be given the necessary tools to succeed and exposed to a culture that promotes winning, then San Antonio is the place for him.


SleepyAdamII 02-01-13 10:29 AM

I would think the Cavs have an inside track on Oden, for the sake of playing in OH, playing with an excellent PG in Kyrie Irving, and the starting Job is really his for the taking. If you're going to come back, why not make the transition easier with the creature comforts of home, and a fan base ready to support you?

alh1020 02-01-13 10:31 AM

If the Spurs FO were to acquire Oden, he could get a head start and spend his summer working out with Duncan like a lot of other big men around the league have done lately. After signing Baynes and with the talk here of going after Oden and possibly Milsap this summer, why all of a sudden does it look like we have too many bigs on the table? Could we be thinking of stockpiling in the event the end of the Duncan era is coming into view?

mckennaspur1 02-01-13 10:44 AM

I'm trying to think of any athlete who has come back after a surgical history as extensive as Oden's. I can't think of anyone.

IMHO, it would be an accomplishment if Oden even gets back onto the court as a consistent contributor. Expecting him to get anywhere near Tim's level is just crazy.

JuanCaca 02-01-13 11:07 AM

zidrunas ilgauzkas, grant hill was the most injury prones who comeback to play that i remember...

of course if he can comeback... he gonna contribute like "end of the bench player" not like the all star was supposed...

td4mvp2k 02-01-13 12:14 PM

Oden playing the Spurs...

doom32x4 02-01-13 12:49 PM

In Oden's last stretch of health he played 21 games as a starter. In those games he averaged 11.1/8.5 at 60.5% shooting. He also averaged 2.3 blocks a game. This was while playing a shade over 23 minutes per. His ceiling now, if he comes back with Ilgauzkas's or Hill's later years health, would probably be similar numbers in similar minutes as his last season. He was only 22 that season and his truly healthy ceiling is probably like Tyson Chandler on steroids, but that ship has sailed.

alh1020 02-01-13 02:58 PM


Originally Posted by td4mvp2k (Post 1291434)
Oden playing the Spurs...

You might be right. If the Spurs do continue to pursue him, I sincerely hope they don't throw the bank at him. He needs to prove he can come back and play in NBA competition before he can command bigger bucks.

Uwe Blab 02-01-13 04:44 PM

I believe Amare had a couple of microfractures. Either way, Oden can play. It's a matter of staying healthy enough to play. He's a legit 7 footer and will still deter shots.

WILLTHETHRILL 02-01-13 05:18 PM

Sign him and trade Bonner!

Mombear 02-01-13 06:29 PM

whew... that was a close one... :lol

Guapo 02-02-13 09:13 AM

I still say pass.

spurscrazed 02-02-13 09:44 AM


Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL (Post 1291460)
Sign him and trade Bonner!

Amen That! Makes PERFECT Sense!:thumb


Originally Posted by Uwe Blab (Post 1291458)
He's a legit 7 footer and will still deter shots.

Yes! He sure is a legit 7 footer and will still deter shots!!!:)

I hope Spurs can get him without breaking the bank of course. Let's hope Oden realizes the his best pick would be here in San Antonio.

Go RC & our FO!!! You can do this!!!!

td4mvp2k 02-02-13 06:28 PM

Oden to Celtics?
The Boston Celtics met with free-agent center Greg Oden on Saturday.

Danny Ainge said the meeting was a preliminary discussion, and that progress, if any, would come later this season.

"We wanted to talk to Greg to see where he is physically," Ainge said.

Oden has played a total of 82 games in four seasons and hasn't been on the court since 2009.

"We're just finding out as much as we can and letting Greg know what we have here," said Ainge. "He's not ready to play now, but he's someone who's very interesting."

Steve Bulpett/Boston Herald

SilverSpur 02-04-13 05:55 AM

Coach Doc Rivers, general manager Danny Ainge and the Celtics may very well be interested in adding Greg Oden to their roster but they're doing a job of not going overboard in expressing their enthusiasm after meeting with him on Saturday while the rest of the team had the day off. "I got the Clippers tonight," Rivers said before Sunday's game with the Clippers. "I said hi to him, reminisced about high school days when I watched some AAU, but other than that, I can tell you I thought far more about the guys we are playing tonight than next year. "We really haven’t talked about [additions]. Honestly. We obviously can, because we need a body. But we really haven’t talked about it much at all. Nothing really. What I think Danny is doing is probably doing all the work right now and I’m sure this week maybe, or who knows in two weeks, he’ll come with a long list of scenarios."

Green Street

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