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Mombear 01-27-13 06:25 PM

The Longevity of Tim Duncan
The Longevity of Tim Duncan
Written by Russell Banton
Sunday, 27 January 2013 11:22

A lot of attention is being given to Tim Duncan having a surprising year at 36 years of age. The general consensus is that it is extremely unusual if not an original year.


disciple 01-28-13 02:58 PM


alh1020 01-28-13 04:24 PM

Hey there Chris Bosh --- now here's an example of a lock on the Hall of Fame.

WhiteChocolateJr 01-28-13 04:55 PM

Nice article. The only nit I could see one picking there is ranking Duncan above Wilt--and I would even argue for a "push" with regard to Mailman at this stage of his career. 5ppg is still significant; the blocks and boards even the extra possessions out. Timmy, Wilt and Karl have all enjoyed outlier careers, extending beyond the normal distribution curve for PF/Cs. Keep on keepin' on, Timmay!


KAD 01-28-13 06:43 PM

very nice

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