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alh1020 01-26-13 03:03 PM

Marv Albert says it seems like Celtics are pumping in artificial crowd noise
Marv Albert called the nationally televised broadcast between the Knicks and the Celtics in Boston on Thursday, and believes there may have been some funny business going on in terms of the sound he heard from inside the arena while the game was in progress.

Albert essentially said during the telecast that he believes the Celtics were pumping in artificial crowd noise during the game. While it’s unclear if league rules specifically prohibit teams from doing that, if true, it could be viewed as an embarrassment by the home town fans.
From Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald:
Based on what Albert has heard, he believes Celtics management pumps in extra noise.

“It seems that way, but they say no,” Albert said after the Celtics’ 89-86 loss to the Knicks. “There’s times when it seems like there is suddenly a bump in the sound. But I really don’t want to make a big deal out of it.”

The Celtics responded to Albert’s claim with the following tweet: “Regarding comments on tonight’s (broadcast), the Celtics have never used artificial crowd noise.”
Albert is one of the most tenured broadcasters out there, and has been in every one of the NBA’s arenas. So he would be among the most qualified to determine whether or not a team was guilty of the offense.

Honestly, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Celtics or any other team chose to do this at times.

There’s a constant din played over the sound system during NBA games now, to the point where any additional noise — even some geared toward making the fans in the building sound louder and more passionate than they actually are — would be very hard to notice.

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SilverSpur 01-27-13 06:40 AM

I heard some comment in a pre game show that after Marv's comments, the Celtics became deflated and lost the game, is that true?

All I know is I remember back to a time when Marv Albert left the game of basketball for a year or two after some scandal in which he was outed fr wearing womens underwear and liking to be whipped or rough sex or something. Anyone else remember that here?

alh1020 01-27-13 07:14 AM

Marv Albert scandal _ garter belt and women's panties
by Mike Baron

Marv Albert (Mug Shot) scandal _ garter belt and women's panties: 1997 sexual-assault case against sportscaster Marv Albert. He denied the charges against him, but when the case went to court the public heard lots of lurid details about his sex life.

The trial ended when Albert pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of assault and battery on a woman with whom he had maintained a long-term affair in exchange for the prosecution dropping a forcible sodomy charge against him.


Patricia Masden described in testimony two encounters in which she claimed Albert bit her, including one in which he allegedly asked her for three-way sex.

Marv Albert scandal _ garter belt and women's panties

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