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SilverSpur 01-24-13 02:52 AM

Dan Majerle a little miffed at Suns for not picking him
Majerle said he believes the interview process to replace former head coach Alvin Gentry was a charade because he thinks General Manager Lance Blanks already had settled on Hunter over the assistant coaches. "It's been a hard pill to swallow," Majerle said. "The first thing that disappoints me is usually in a situation like this, the interim gets the jobs and that is Elston (Turner) with his 14 years of experience. Once he didn't get it, I thought I deserved it. The thing I keep hearing management say on the radio is that hiring me would've been the popular and easy thing to do. I earned it. I deserved a shot if it's not going to be Elston. I coached 5 ½ years. I coached the summer leagues. I didn't need a favor. Picking Elston would've been the easy thing to do."

Dan Majerle angry he didn't get shot as Suns coach

Uwe Blab 01-24-13 09:14 AM

So bottom line, he thought he should have gotten it. He keeps referring to Elston, but we all know that's just a veiled attempt for him to say he should have gotten the job.

Jose_TheGenius 01-24-13 12:38 PM

"Thunder" Dan seems to know what he's talking about as far as coaching. his analysis during and after games when he'd call them was really good, reminded you a bit of Doug Collins in the way he'd talk as a coach.

shame they didn't take him seriously. the franchise and city likes him. if anything, he would've been a safe pick for this lost season.

ibanezsr 01-25-13 12:04 AM

i was at Gentry's last game that he coached (bucks vs suns). the crowd was dead. such a different scenery compared to the games i used to go to when nash, amare and marion ran the show with Mike D. the least the Suns could have done was throw the suns fans a bone and let thunder dan coach as that is all anyone in phoenix really wants to see at this point.

MichaelWi101 01-25-13 02:50 AM

Even though I'm not a Suns fan, they've gutted that franchise and to see it in such disarray is kind of weird.

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