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td4mvp2k 01-19-13 06:06 AM

McGee to Duncan?
JaVale McGee had two field goals in the Nuggets' 115-111 victory over Portland, and the other was another classic example of his phenomenal athleticism, as he skied to catch a terribly high pass from Wilson Chandler in the first half. Since arriving in Denver from Washington in a trade deadline deal last March, McGee has maintained his reputation as a walking highlight real but he has also flustered his new team - as he did with the Wizards - with his inability to balance those gifts with reliable performances.

"I think he's a tremendous talent. I think he's an incredible, athletic, 7-1, whatever he is," Nuggets Coach George Karl said of McGee. "For me, I just want him to be more consistent on the fundamental area of basketball and more than anything, I want him to be more committed to the concepts and philosophies and fundamentals of our team."

McGee is averaging 10.1 points and 4.9 rebounds for the well-stocked Nuggets, but remains a reserve despite leading the team in player efficiency rating at 21.6 and signing a four-year, $44 million deal last summer. Karl continues to start Kosta Koufas at center and added that he will continue to do so until McGee proves he deserves more than his current 19 minutes a game.

"He's playing about 20 minutes a game now, and I'd like to get it up to 25. But he's got to earn that," Karl said. "And he's got three guys in Kosta and Kenneth [Faried] and Timo [Mozgov], who I think are NBA players that deserve minutes, too. So I think it's like a competition. Sometimes I think young players think it's an entitlement to minutes. There is no entitlement on this team. I mean, Anthony Randolph can play basketball. You earn your minutes. You earn your opportunity and produce wins. As long as he keeps working, he'll get more minutes."

McGee declined to speak with reporters after the Nuggets held their morning shootaround in preparation of his first game against his former team. Karl's message to McGee is similar to the same one he heard during his nearly four years in Washington.

"Probably simple and solid," Karl said, when asked what he tells McGee most. "I think he tries to be spectacular. Basketball is a game of possession after possession of doing things the right way, doing your job and letting the spectacular come. I think JaVale tries to find the spectacular and forces the spectacular when if you just let Andre Miller and Ty [Lawson], let us orchestrate the game, something big time will happen. But I just want him to be more Tim Duncan-like. I tell him I like Tim Duncan. I want Tim Duncan. That's what I want."

Michael Lee/Washington Post

alh1020 01-19-13 07:25 AM

You know, I kind of sympathize with Coach Karl but I got to wonder where his personal input was when Denver agreed to pay McGee $10+ mil per year over the next 4 years. That kind of salary sends out mixed signals, particularly to a young kid like McGee who, as the article implies, likes to lend toward the spectacular vs listening to his coaches and teammates. What Duncan has, McGee can’t have, and that is the basic fundamentals of basketball. Duncan has lived and breathed it for his entire basketball life; McGee doesn’t know its definition. McGee’s athleticism may very well put him heads and shoulders above a lot of NBA players but I think he’s been deprived of a lot of oxygen too flying around up there. Somewhere along the line, this kid has taken a detour and isn’t focused on what he can truly be and how to get there. It’s surprising too since his mother Pam was a very good ballplayer in her own right. But until somebody can get through to this guy, I’m afraid the only thing Coach Karl can look forward to is a weekly input to Youtube on McGee’s reoccurring bloopers.

Guapo 01-19-13 08:14 AM

He will be one of the first guys out of Denver in a trade if he doesn't start to listen.

Jose_TheGenius 01-19-13 10:32 AM

agree alh1020, no way does the team pay him that much or trade away Nene unless Karl gives an ok for it. he's a great coach, but everyone has a brainfart.

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