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spurscrazed 01-04-13 12:13 AM

Gregg Popovich talking about Stephen Jackson is the best!!!
By Zach Harper | NBA Blogger

"Someday, I'm going to be talking about you on the Twitters." (Getty Images)

Stephen Jackson has long been one of the fond members of San Antonio Spurs. Tim Duncan has called him a great teammate and Gregg Popovich has asked him for "some nasty" during key playoff moments. Jackson's personality is often a much-needed injection of energy and grit to this Spurs' roster.

"Stack Jack" was recently fined for basically threatening Serge Ibaka using Twitter. And after the Spurs' shoot around Sunday morning, Popovich saw Stephen Jackson using his cell phone and reacted in a very Pop way. Via Dwaine Price:

"Jack's a pain in the (butt),'' Popovich said. "Look at him, all he does is twitters.

"He's twittering some stuff right now that'll probably get him fined, and then I've got to call the league and talk to the league and say, 'Yeah, I talked to him.' ''

Jackson then chimed in and said: "It's not Twitter. It's Instagram.''

"All he does is twitters" is probably my favorite thing Popovich has ever said and there is a long list of Pop-isms for everybody to enjoy.

The pairing of Popovich and Jackson is one of the more interesting coach-player duos in the NBA. On the surface, most people would assume the two wouldn't work well together at all, but Pop's ability to find the perfect role for his players coupled with Jackson's willingness to do whatever it takes to win games is actually perfect.

Both personalities are also incredibly loyal to those that do right by them within the confines of the job at hand, which puts their mutual respect for each other at an extremely high level. And how does Popovich keep Jackson away from getting into incidents that have been sprinkled throughout his career

As far as keeping Jackson out of trouble, Popovich said: "He stays at my house. I keep him at my house so I know what he's doing.''

Please let this be true and please let someone turn this into a reality television show.

WILLTHETHRILL 01-04-13 05:27 PM

Thought SJax was a team cancer?

KAD 01-05-13 02:30 AM

haha Pop is so funny! Now with the Mayor getting drinks court side causing a major injury to jackson - wonder what Mr Stein does about fining someone on the incident!!!

spurscrazed 01-05-13 12:57 PM


Originally Posted by KAD (Post 1289591)
haha Pop is so funny! Now with the Mayor getting drinks court side causing a major injury to jackson - wonder what Mr Stein does about fining someone on the incident!!!

Well Pop did say to the reporters after the NY game that Pop did not want to comment on that incident of Jack's injury because he did not see how it happened.

Somewhat I think Spurs Org have probably sent something to the league about it....

And there is a rule that was not enforced properly about players safety and people are not supposed to be that close to the court while the game is played....

One writer wrote this today


There have been some very odd injuries to professional athletes in the history of sports with everything from breaking a glass table during a bad dream to sneezing sending players to the injury report. This week saw a new low possibly in player injuries as the San Antonio Spurs’ Stephen Jackson sprained his ankle crashing into a server in front of New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. This proves one very big fact to me in that fans shouldn’t be that close to the court. There should at least be some room between the court and the fans.

I get that Jackson stepped backwards and fell into the server but why are people so close anyway? Yes, those tickets mean big money to National Basketball Association teams especially in Madison Square Garden but I really think reducing capacity just slightly to give the players some more room wouldn’t hurt anyone. There are many arenas throughout the NBA who aren’t selling out every game anyway and taking out just one or two rows of seats isn’t going to change the number of people at the game that much.

It is an issue of player safety to me at this point. The players get paid a ton of money to play a simple game and while the fans are paying for that salary to see their favorite players out there, I want everyone to be safer. It may not be the most popular idea out there but there is no reason that someone can’t get out of their seat to get something to eat or drink and has to be waited on in the front row. The time has come to fix this,

spurscrazed 01-06-13 12:25 PM

Pop: Sidelines must be controlled!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Coach Pop had spoken:

Mike Monroe from the express news wrote this today:


Pop: Sidelines must be controlled


Calling Thursday’s sideline incident at Madison Square Garden that led to forward Stephen Jackson’s right ankle sprain “a Mayoral mishap,” Spurs coach Gregg Popovich called on the NBA to police activity along the league’s sidelines and baselines.

“It’s maddening,” Popovich said of the incident in which Jackson lost his balance after running into a waitress during the first quarter of the Spurs-Knicks game. The waitress appeared to be taking an order from New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.

“It’s an accident waiting to happen.”

Jackson sat out Saturday’s 109-86 home win over the 76ers, but Popovich said the injury to the 12-year veteran was not serious.

“He’s 50-50 for New Orleans,” the Spurs coach said regarding Monday’s game.

Popovich expressed confidence the incident would spur the league to better control the sidelines during games.

“After what happened, I have no doubt the league has contacted teams to make sure everybody shores up their discipline in that area,” he said. “It’s obvious people shouldn’t be ordering beers or Cokes or hot dogs when the game is going on.”

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