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Jose_TheGenius 12-30-12 05:19 PM

Parker Receives Warning on Flopping
According to NBA.com, the San Antonio Spurs have received their first warning for flopping this season. Tony Parker is the culprit of the over-acting which occurred during the 5:05 mark of the 4th quarter of a high scoring game that the Spurs had in hand already.

Click HERE to read the full article and watch the video

spurscrazed 12-30-12 05:30 PM


Oh well...Better watch it Tony!

Although I thought TP naturally tried to avoid contact and grab the rebound... Tony was not even looking for a foul.....:(

MRJONESIII 12-30-12 06:41 PM

Who cares, if the so called flop wins you the game or puts you in position to win! Just ask James Harden in last years WCF. These guys make so much money and the fines are so small.... Null and void for most.

choppsboy 12-31-12 01:40 AM

That was definitely a flop.

Kager 12-31-12 05:53 AM

He flopped bigtime and for no reason, but tell you what watching the Houston game at what point does Hardens acting as he goes through the lane become flopping... noone mention Manu and how Harden models his whole game on what he does, Manu's a saint!!

KAD 12-31-12 07:02 AM

I did not see a flop and watched the video about 10 times. I saw a serious attempt to grab a rebound and in the process a stretch and over-extension of the body which threw him off-balance!!!!

Kager 12-31-12 11:00 PM

I love your team spirit KAD, but after extending he did look at the ref to ask why there was no call.... or maybe that was to ask him how his form was.

I hate flopping from anyone, even my cyclops preferance, so happy for TP to be warned and stay away from this in the future.

3 Legged Dog 01-01-13 10:54 PM

Tony gets less respect than most NBA players. Parker gets bumped and grabbed on every trip into the paint only to have like 1 in 10 actual fouls called. If Turd Stern wants to make a deal; how about he stops letting Tony get raped every night and Tony not try to flop one a week?

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