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alh1020 12-15-12 08:08 AM

Now, this is a block!!
JaVale McGee catches Zach Randolph’s shot attempt

We need a name for whatever this play was. It was half rebound, half block (with a sprinkle of goaltend), but all the way amazing. I just wish we knew what to call it. A reblock? A yoink?

Naming this aside, let’s focus on JaVale McGee being quite possibly the most entertaining player in the NBA. Whether he’s throwing a pass into the 14th row, playing point-center and tripping over himself, jumping 12 feet in the air, running the wrong way when his team has the ball or destroying someone with a dunk or block, you’re almost always in for a treat. If there isn’t a whole blog dedicated solely to his brilliance at this point, the internet has failed us and we should all leave.

What McGee did to Zach Randolph in the Nuggets narrow victory over the Grizzlies was laughably absurd. This is the type of thing that would happen if Bill Russell were allowed to play in Wilt Chamberlain’s body for a night back in the day. Instead of spiking the ball into the crowd (like Dwight Howard likes to do), McGee ended up winning the night with, well…whatever we want to call this:

<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/5fBdAPfk8r4" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="388" width="635"></iframe>

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spurscrazed 12-15-12 09:04 AM

Wow! What a Block by McGee! HUGE!

Yeah McGee is full of tricks that is for sure.

mckennaspur1 12-15-12 02:24 PM

I'm hoping Coach Karl can harness this guy and turn him into a player. His skills are astonishing, but his brain is second-rate.

spursfan9 12-15-12 04:01 PM

whats MOST surprising about that play, is that he didnt turn around and Dunk it in the wrong basket right after he did that!

he made an appropriate pass to his own teamate! realized there was a change in possession, and realized he had to run up the court to the other side! my oh my!

WILLTHETHRILL 12-15-12 04:49 PM

Could Matt Bonner ever have blocked Spud Webb like that?

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