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alh1020 12-11-12 11:24 PM

New low for Lakers
CLEVELAND (AP) - There had to be a low point. The Los Angeles Lakers can only hope they've reached it.

This chaotic season has gotten worse.

Kyrie Irving scored 28 points in his return after missing 11 games with a broken finger, leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 100-94 win over Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, who look nothing like a team projected to win an NBA title - or anything else.

"This is one of the most challenging stretches of my 17 years, and the most baffling, too," a puzzled Bryant said after the Lakers lost for the eighth time in 11 games. "We have the talent and personnel to do it, but we're not, and it's baffling. It's extremely frustrating.

"It doesn't make any sense. We're still finding ways to lose games."

Irving added 11 assists in 39 minutes and showed off his dizzying array of moves as the Cavs, who came in with just four wins, ended a five-game losing streak.

Bryant scored 42 points and Dwight Howard had 19 points and 20 rebounds, but it wasn't enough to stop the Lakers, who were still missing Pau Gasol and Steve Nash, from opening a four-game road trip with a with a loss that could sting for a while.

"We have to stop the bleeding - somehow," said Howard, who forced a trade this summer from Orlando to join the Lakers and maybe win some championships. "We can't let this kill our spirits too much. This is tough on all of us right now.

"We want to win. We're sick of losing. We all understand that situations like this don't last forever."

C.J. Miles scored 28 in his first start this season, Anderson Varejao had 20 and Alonzo Gee 17 for the Cavs.

Los Angeles fell behind by 16 points in the third quarter, and despite Bryant's valiant attempt to rescue them - he scored 16 in the fourth quarter - the Lakers dropped to 1-10 in games the superstar scores 30 or more points.

"We played very uninspired basketball, offensively and defensively," said coach Mike D'Antoni, brought in to repair an underachieving squad after Mike Brown was fired five games into the season. "We play at a very slow pace and we struggle. Maybe it shifts over to defense. Maybe we're slow. Maybe we can't do it. . It's my job to fix it - and that's what I'll do."

As the final seconds ticked off, Bryant stood at halfcourt, his right hand resting on his hip, a look of disgust on his face. When the horn sounded, he handed the ball to an official and shared a brief hug with Irving and a long one with Cavs coach Byron Scott, who whispered something in his ear.

The Lakers have nowhere to go but up.

Bryant refused to single out any teammates, and he chose his words carefully when pressed on his team's many problems.

"I'm very upset," Bryant said. "When things get hard, you should get more determined, not shake your heads. It just seems when it rains it pours. It's like this cloud is following us around at all times. I'm one of the fastest guys on the team - and I'm like 50. What does that tell you?"
Before the game, D'Antoni bemoaned his team's defense and said the Lakers seemed to be missing a "spirit" to win.

Those aren't their only deficiencies.

Howard scored inside to get the Lakers within 86-82, but Irving answered with a 3-pointer. Metta World Peace hit a 3 to bring Los Angeles within 89-85, but on Cleveland's next possession, the Lakers lost track of Cavs center Anderson Varejao, who scored an uncontested layup as all five Los Angeles players watched.

Bryant hit a 3-pointer to trim Cleveland's lead to 95-92 with 28 seconds left, but he missed another 3-point attempt on the Lakers' next trip and there was nothing he or anyone else in purple and gold could do from there.

Howard is confident the Lakers will be able to turn their season around.

He just doesn't know when.

"We've got to stay focused and stay strong," he said. "We can't let this break who we are as a team. We talk about it every day. People are going to say whatever they want about our team right now. We're not playing the greatest basketball. But there will come a day when we'll have the gun. Right now, we're rabbits. Once we get the gun, it's not going to be fun for everybody else."

The Cavs went 2-9 without Irving, their sensational 20-year-old. But with him on the floor, Cleveland is a far different team and on this night better than the Lakers.

Cleveland was ahead by 12 when Irving tried to take Bryant on by himself.

Dribbling the ball between his legs at the top of the key, Cleveland's star backed Bryant down in the lane as the crowd roared at a 1-on-1 matchup Irving proposed during the summer for charity. Irving tried a pump fake that didn't work and Bryant easily blocked his shot as if to say, "Not yet, kid."

"It reminded me when Allen Iverson was going against Michael Jordan," Irving said. "The whole crowd sat up. I got my shot blocked, but it was still a memorable moment for me, seeing the crowd reaction. I was surprised by it."

Scott wasn't shocked that Irving would play so well.

"He's likes being put in the position of having to deliver," Scott said. "He's just a special young man. He loves the competition."

NOTES: Bryant didn't know if Irving was "confident or crazy" when Irving challenged him to a 1-on-1 game during U.S. Olympic team practices. Irving didn't back down when Bryant unleashed some heavy trash talk on the 20-year-old. "I'm the best trash talker alive," Bryant said. "He tried to keep up. Hopefully, you'll see a little more of that (trash talk) from that generation, guys competing against each other. It was like that when I came into the league with Charles (Barkley) and Michael (Jordan) and (John) Stockton and (Clyde) Drexler and all those guys. That's how it was." ... Cavs G Daniel Gibson hyperextended his right elbow in the first half and didn't return. He expects to play Wednesday at Indiana.

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alh1020 12-11-12 11:31 PM

You know, after I saw the final score for this game, I could only think of an Elvis Presley song --------- "Heartbreak Hotel"!!

td4mvp2k 12-11-12 11:39 PM

Its something when they think Nash will come to save the day... Ha!

Eddy from Austin 12-12-12 12:47 AM

Jose posted this video on the FB page, loved it.

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/NmnWc88u2L8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

spurscrazed 12-12-12 01:01 AM

Although there is still a lot of time to adjust the Lakers esp when they have Nash back in 2 more. I do think D'Antoni's system is the wrong system for them to have. They should have hired a coach that works with their current pieces put together. The lack of Basketball team needs in communication between a Lakers GM and Coaching is so glaring here. Lakers front office is just not being smart.

Interestingly Magic Johnson had a dig on the Lakers in a News conference for the Dodgers.



Johnson was again vocal about the state of the Lakers.

"First, we've got to understand what the strategy is to win every game," he said. "Every game you have to have a different strategy to win because the teams are different. They have to be more consistent on defense. That's the main thing. We can score points but the defense is just breaking down."

alh1020 12-12-12 05:47 AM


Originally Posted by spurscrazed (Post 1288686)
.......Johnson was again vocal about the state of the Lakers.

"First, we've got to understand what the strategy is to win every game," he said. "Every game you have to have a different strategy to win because the teams are different. They have to be more consistent on defense. That's the main thing. We can score points but the defense is just breaking down."

And defense is a basketball term that I believe coach Mike D'Antoni hasn't been acquainted with in his past years of coaching. He's been constantly saying to wait til Nash gets back so they can solidify and get the offense going but never anything concrete to establish any 'defense'. The Lakers may then be able to score a lot of points but if the defense gives up a lot of points, I've always be taught that the team with the most points at the end of the game, wins. I gotta wonder who is laughing the hardest, Mike Brown or Phil Jackson; or could they be shedding a tear as to what could have been. Until then, looks like the Lakers are in the fast lane to a lottery draft pick in June 2013.

pjm 12-12-12 11:44 AM

I really hope these Lakers don't make it to the playoffs.
The way things are in the West right now, if the Lakers manage to turn things around, play up to their potential and make it to the playoffs they will end up being the team no one wants to face in the first round. I believe any of the teams that are right now 1-4 (Spurs, Thunder, Grizzlies and Clippers) can beat the Lakers on a 7 game series, even if the Lakers catch fire, but it will be a tough first round matchup.
So I'm really hoping here for all Lakers players to get/stay healthy, but disfunctional and for them to miss the playoffs completely this year.

MichaelWi101 12-12-12 12:20 PM

I love it when D'Antoni said "Maybe we're slow." No really?? Ya think? It's an OLD team and it's only going to get older and slower when the 39 year old Nash comes back and Gasol gets back on the floor.

I still think folks were daydreaming when they thought that lineup would dominate any of the younger, taller, faster teams in the league. At some point espn needs to realize who these guys are NOW and not who they were back in their prime.

They'll probably make the playoffs, but for them to be considered a favorite to win it all is nonsense.

td4mvp2k 12-12-12 01:28 PM

Steve Nash looked like he didnt want to come back... He says this is not what he signed up for and Gasol could be traded cuz he is not fine with D'Antoni right now. Howard could be gone after the season... So its all coming down in L.A..

spurscrazed 12-12-12 08:58 PM

Oh did any one see that Kobe Locker Room interview after last night loss to cavs... LOL at Kobe! Losing his F.... Patience!....:shocked

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/oOfv6_k9GVc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Kobe Bryant Interview after Loss to Cavs 12/11/12 - YouTube

Robofuzz 12-13-12 10:54 AM

I love a good Lakers pity party.

alh1020 12-13-12 01:30 PM

I don't know what all the hoo-ha is about but I for one am thoroughly enjoying the Lakers season so far and I dearly hope they continue to be as successful as they are now. I'm glad that good fortune has finally caught up with them.

clovisnmspurfan 12-13-12 01:40 PM

This ship was already sinking, Hiring D'Antoni just made it worse. His defense is let them make 2 points so we can get the ball and make 3.
As McDonalds says "i'm lovin it"

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