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spurscrazed 12-11-12 02:23 AM

Barkley on Dan Patrick Show said OKC 1st, Memphis 2nd, & Spurs are 3rd!
Charles Barkley said on the Dan Patrick Radio Interview yesterday that OKC is By Far the BEST TEAM now. Memphis is right behind them, then Spurs are 3rd.

He said the Lakers would never work. They have to get younger and they need the right pieces despite the good coach. He also said NY don't impress him yet. He will wait and see on them.

Here is the LINK to that AUDIO interview Yesterday.

TNT analyst Charles Barkley joined the show to talk about the big stories in the NBA.

Barkley weighed in on the Lakers’ slow start. ”I never thought it was going to work,” Barkley said. “Oklahoma City is the best team in the West by far.”

Barkley said the old guys on the Knicks aren’t going to last at this level throughout the season. “I worry about their rebounding,” Barkley said.

Dan asked Barkley if he watches NFL during the weekend. Barkley said that’s all he does. “Boxing and football are my two favorite sports,” Barkley said.

Barkley weighed in on drunk driving incidents in sports and what happened in Dallas. Barkley said it was a horrible situation. But Barkley doesn’t necessarily like the way the Leagues talks about these issues.

“I’m not going to let these SOBs who get fans drunk every week,” Barkley said, “play God and judge and jury over me.”

Eddy from Austin 12-11-12 02:36 AM

Spurs have a better record than OK and Memphis and they have beat both of them this season (at home granted).

Eddy from Austin 12-11-12 02:40 AM

Spurs visit the Thunder next Monday, hopefully Kawhi plays.

spurscrazed 12-11-12 02:57 AM

You hit it the nail right on the head Eddie.

When Spurs get back their 2 missing huge defensive players: Leonard & Captain Jack we will be better.

I would rather Spurs stay under some kind of radar until March. But still Spurs are top 3 that is for sure!!!!

JuanCaca 12-11-12 10:01 AM

top contenders with a shot to beat our spurs in the west PO...

okc, memphis, and im thinking clippers is gonna be tougher to beat this year...

polk 12-11-12 10:12 AM

Memphis and LAC are better than SA right now. OKC is improving but I still believe that Harden's presence on that second unit will be missed. Nobody to create their own shot.

Memphis's frontline presents big problems and the improvement of LAC's Jordan is impressive.

3rd seems about right.

b1gdon 12-11-12 10:24 AM

As much as I love my Spurs, I can't really criticize someone for ranking the two teams that have exposed the team's flaws and eliminated them the last two playoffs after the Spurs posted the league best record. Especially since they are tied in the loss column (that is how I usually look at the standings for the best teams). Until the Spurs can show something different, that is just the way it has to be.

alh1020 12-11-12 10:25 AM

3rd, 4th, 5th don't matter to me and I'm sure it doesn't bother Pop either. He always likes the role of the underdog. Besides, put up or shutup comes in the playoffs. Anything else is considered as 'pre-season'.

td4mvp2k 12-11-12 03:10 PM

He thinks that and the Spurs have beat both so he needs to take rerank them teams.

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