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alh1020 12-09-12 05:40 PM

Mavericks players line up to greet Kevin McHale as he returns to coach
Mavericks players line up to individually greet Kevin McHale as he returns to coach Rockets

<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/RDG8x9golsA" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="332" width="590"></iframe>

Kevin McHale returned to coach the Rockets on Saturday, after being away from the team for an extended leave of absence due to the passing of his daughter a couple of weeks back.

Before tip-off, the Mavericks players lined up to individually greet, hug, and shake hands with McHale as a show of empathy for all that he’s been through.

Great, great moment.

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alh1020 12-09-12 05:40 PM

Nice touch, Dallas.

WILLTHETHRILL 12-11-12 01:05 PM

Class move by the Mavs. I'm sure their coach had something to do with that.

spurscrazed 12-11-12 02:28 PM

Class Move by Mavs Players despite their owner is such a classless owner!

I did not know McHale was with the Mavs in training camp 2009...

I remember On Dec 7 at the Spurs Home Game vs. Houston a moment of silence was held before the game in memory of head coach Kevin McHale's daughter, Sasha, who recently passed away. The Rockets said they will wear a green and purple band on their jerseys in her memory.

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