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MRJONESIII 12-04-12 08:32 PM

Omri Casspi?
Just like the others we've plucked away from mediocre teams, would he blossom with all these great veterans? Can he be our Danilo Gallinari? 6'9" floorstretcher. Would be good for small ball. We've inquired about him before and only making 2.7 million. And can probably play 3 positions.

td4mvp2k 12-04-12 09:03 PM


alh1020 12-04-12 09:20 PM

Personally, I think Casspi’s stock has probably fallen if you look at his productivity since he was drafted 23rd in 2009 draft by Sacramento. He averaged 10 PPG his rookie year and he has dropped each year since. If I’m not mistaken, I believe he was on the Spurs wish list in 2009 but as our team has progressed since 2009, we now have a need for, not only a big man to work around the basket, but small forwards who are healthy. Casspi does play a little like Gallinari, being 6’9” and away from the basket whereas we need the height and bulk in the middle. I’d hate to see us give up one of our already established bench players to make room for a questionable Casspi, so I’d have to pass on him.

grizzly_bexar 12-05-12 12:04 AM

I wouldn't mind him but you have to ask what this team would do with him. We already have plenty of pseudo-bigs.

At some point we need an actual big man.

Right now we have Duncan (peerless), Tiago (underrated but not a star), and then no actual big men . . . everyone is undersized and has a unique skill set but glaring flaws.

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