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MichaelWi101 11-29-12 10:35 AM

Fisher signs with that team in North Texas
Fisher signs with the ponies

If this doesn't push them back into the finals nothing will :laugh:laugh

alh1020 11-29-12 12:41 PM

Ick, yuk and puke. Oh, he's signed with Dallas --- I feel fine now.

alh1020 11-29-12 01:00 PM

Mavericks to release Troy Murphy to make way for Fisher
by Kurt Helin Nov 29, 2012, 1:28 PM EST

The Troy Murphy era in Dallas lasted 14 games.

The Mavericks are expected to release Murphy on Thursday, reports ESPN Dallas and multiple other sources. He is being let go to make way for guard Derek Fisher, who is supposed to come in and stabilize the Mavericks backcourt (they are in for a shock, but that’s another story).

Murphy was for the Mavs exactly who he is now — a stretch four who doesn’t really make the defense stretch anymore, shooting just 31.4 percent from three this season. He had some good games, he can still get some buckets and plays with some veteran savvy, but he’s not a guy who can make a difference consistently anymore. He could barely get off the Lakers bench last season and this year was seeing his role shrink.

Now it is more than shrunk.

His deal was not guaranteed. Murphy is a free agent now and is free to sign anywhere.

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Jose_TheGenius 11-29-12 01:04 PM

it'll make beat the Mavs sweeter.

hopefully there's no "Let's Sign Troy Murphy!" threads after this. dude couldn't do anything with the Lakers or Mavs.

clovisnmspurfan 11-29-12 01:58 PM

Amen Jose.

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