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Eddy from Austin 11-25-12 12:51 PM

Official Spurs at Raptors Game Thread (12:00) Oops.
Better late than never.:slap

td4mvp2k 11-25-12 02:55 PM

Good job getting the W in 2 OT's

Mombear 11-25-12 02:59 PM

lol Eddy. Double overtime... the Wizards tomorrow... triple overtime. facepalm

td4mvp2k 11-25-12 03:09 PM

Looks like Splitter will start for TD vs D.C.

SleepyAdamII 11-25-12 03:45 PM

The Raptors really used their athleticism well against us, alot of offensive rebounds and 2nd chance points. I noticed Manu was fired up more than usual, he was screaming in Green's face in OT for missing an assignment; he was also barking in the huddle during time outs. I don't think the Spurs were proud of this game, but its a W.

I don't believe Washington has won a game yet....

Jose_TheGenius 11-25-12 06:02 PM


Originally Posted by td4mvp2k (Post 1287526)
Looks like Splitter will start for TD vs D.C.

i think Pop will go with Diaw starting and a Splitter/Bonner combo off the bench. i agree though, i don't see Duncan playing at all. with our PG depth, i wouldn't play Parker either but i would probably if it meant sitting Manu a game.

spurscrazed 11-25-12 06:36 PM

Meh. Those game time at noon on a Sunday Blows!

Why on earth in a regular season would they schedule games at noon!!!!
Greedy NBA Scheduling Team would like to keep the higher Rating and the Western Conf home team to the Prime Time....:smirk

Anyway... GREAT WIN for our Spurs!!!

Pop out coached coach Dwane Casey. Pop & his coaching partners did Great Job today. It could have been much worse result without KEY matchup made.

So proud of them in a hostile STUPID PHYSICAL YOUNG team in Air Canada and at an odd time game... Spurs Gut that Win... Even if it took them 2 OT...
Spurs Were the BETTER TEAM and the Better Team won!

Tony Parker and Manu and TD and Green & Diaw all were fantastic.... Despite all the HACKING and Shoving with very little fouls called... Lol our Spurs Won!

Could have been better if the game was called correctly and would have ended faster with Spurs winning. But no that could have been too easy!!It had to be full of DRAMA and Gutted out W~:p

Tony Parker is continuing his MVP type games. And Tim playing like that Man 21 who we all knew to 10 years ago... :) And when Manu plays at this Great PASSION and Energy!!!! Spurs will HAVE to win.

On the road and on Sunday this was a Great win.

Maybe Pop sits TD and Manu tomorrow?

I want to see these players tomorrow:

Diaw, Tiago, Green, Nando, TP, Blair, Mills, Gary Neal, Corey Joseph, and James Anderson.

No TD or Manu so they both get some rest for the next road game Wednesday.

Go Spurs Go

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