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Jose_TheGenius 11-23-12 06:57 PM

James Harden Allegedly Pays $20K For Night With Prostitute
Houston Rockets star James Harden may be DESPERATE for someone to hangout with, because he reportedly paid a top video vixen $20,000 to hangout with him for a day.

According to a report, Harden paid video vixen Jenna Shea (below - 1st photo) the $20,000 to come hang with him in Houston recently.

James Harden Allegedly Pays $20K For Night With Prostitute | Daye Kaba | 2DaySports

Rzarector7 11-23-12 08:05 PM

20k to hang out? LOL damn what a waste of money. I guess that new contract will get him in trouble with hookers. Way too much money, no girl is worth 20k to hang out with or even sleep with, NOT EVEN CLOSE. I would figure some would get their so called game up and get a girl themselves without paying a ton! Oh well.

drcantgetright 11-24-12 09:18 AM

LOL... I bet the IRS will be knocking at her door soon. btw she is not too cute but I guess her "personality" makes up for it. UGH

JuanCaca 11-24-12 09:24 AM

sources says he literally HANG in those... personality LOLLOL

SleepyAdamII 11-24-12 09:34 AM

It's the beard

KAD 11-24-12 10:18 AM

Hmm that's a lot of money but then with his birds' nest (and God's know what all is nesting in there) that maybe a resonable price

Jose_TheGenius 11-24-12 11:15 AM

he has ugly teeth too. come on man, get Invasalign at least bro!

alh1020 11-24-12 03:35 PM

Maybe going for the max salary and signing for the big bucks had an underlining purpose --- to satisfy a sweet tooth. But that's a lot of ducats for a night of feeling good.

WILLTHETHRILL 11-24-12 05:29 PM

wow! a young guy in his 20's has to pay for sex?? So sad! When I see the Spurs clubbing in San Antonio they don't even have to speak to get hot women to talk to them and HANG OUT afterwards. What a loser.

maldoror 11-24-12 05:41 PM

Pretty stupid for her to publicize this unless she was planning to declare it on her taxes anyway which I would doubt.

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