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MRJONESIII 11-22-12 07:35 AM

Darco Milicic?
Should we be interested now that Boston released him?

alh1020 11-22-12 08:11 AM

Don't think so. From what I've read so far, he had some family issues back home needing his attention and may not come back. I think Boston just made it official by releasing him.

Money4Nothing 11-22-12 08:56 AM

And he sucks


td4mvp2k 11-22-12 09:59 AM

The Spurs could use a guy like Darko but you dont know where his head is at times, with his release and what he is going thru the Spurs dont need that.

mckennaspur1 11-22-12 10:27 AM

Boston needs exactly the sort of package Darko is supposed to represent. A big man who can clog the middle and grab some boards. If the Celts let him go, there is something impossibly wrong with the guy (no great surprise given Darko's history...)

Jose_TheGenius 11-22-12 01:45 PM

he wanted to be with his ill mother back home, so i doubt he'd want to come back right now anyway.

now that Tiago is doing well, we got a solid rotation with bigs because Duncan/Blair/Splitter are playing at a high level. right now Diaw is the big man dud and hopefully he can turn the corner around.

remember Splitter and Blair have played well alongside Duncan or Diaw, not alongside each other because the lane will be too clogged for them to produce around the rim or rebound. Darko wouldn't help that.

Kager 11-22-12 04:15 PM

For those of you frustrated with Bonner you will lose your collective mind if we had Darko.....

And again for the record I think that Bonner is a good option for his price and the minutes expected of him, he plays both ends of the floor and does what is required of him.... also he is a damn good ambassador for the Spurs, cheap cars and sandwiches.

Guapo 11-22-12 05:17 PM

I agree. If Tiago keeps playing well (contract year), then we don't need Darko.

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