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alh1020 11-16-12 09:43 AM

Nets’ coach Johnson says Garnett keeps calling out their plays
Most NBA teams run variations of some standard sets — “floppy,” “horns,” and so on — and players pick them up quickly.

Or, know how to break them up quickly.

Kevin Garnett is a student of the game and Nets coach Avery Johnson said before his Nets went out and beat the Celtics that Garnett keeps calling out their plays. And it’s frustrating for a coach. From ESPNNewYork.com.
“He’s seen so much. We’ll call a play and he’ll say, ‘Joe is going over here and Deron is going here.’ It’s not funny anymore, OK?
“As much as (Rajon) Rondo quarterbacks their offense, (KG) quarterbacks their defense. … I like every now and then when we’ll surprise him with something, and then maybe he’ll look at the bench and curse the other coaches out, not me.”

Garnett is a defensive force.

The reason teams run those plays, by the way, is they work. It’s about execution, plus these are NBA players and most will score consistently on decent looks or even covered one-on-one.

But the trend — really started by Mike D’Antoni in Phoenix but now used by a lot of teams — to have a system where traditional plays are not called (at least early in the clock) is a reaction to that KG-like knowledge and scouting. The idea is to allow players to freelance and create in transition and early in the clock, something the defense can’t prepare for and be set for the same way.

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SilverSpur 11-16-12 10:07 AM

Spurs seem to be good at that passing and freelancing type of motion system.

Jose_TheGenius 11-16-12 03:20 PM

apparently by "calling out our plays", Avery is saying KJ is playing middle linebacker and telling everyone where the offense is going :lol you don't need to be a wizard to scream out when a guy goes right or left or when they cut if the defensive player is looking at the ball (or helping out on screens).

as much of a punk that KG is, he's a good defensive play caller.

Fundamental9903 11-17-12 11:14 PM

All that calling out the plays and the Celtics STILL lose.

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