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Jose_TheGenius 11-09-12 09:34 AM

Really, Lakers fans? Mike Brown’s son gets death threat.
You keep hearing that Lakers fans are really freaking out about the team’s 1-4 start and how they are blaming Mike Brown for it all. He’s not Phil Jackson, he brought in the Princeton offense (at Kobe Bryant’s urging, but still) and he has a track record of not being able to take a young and immature LeBron James, surrounded by a batch of mediocrity, to the promised land.

But it’s really getting out of hand for a few fans — Brown’s son got a death threat on twitter. His son is a pretty public figure, playing hoops at one of Southern California’s basketball powerhouses, Mater Dei.

Really, Lakers fans? Mike Brown?s son gets death threat. | ProBasketballTalk

td4mvp2k 11-09-12 12:15 PM

Mike Brown Fired. Lakers season looking very bad.

Rzarector7 11-09-12 02:48 PM

Their fans are idiots.

grizzly_bexar 11-09-12 02:53 PM

If I were Mike Brown, I would be happy to be out of there. The changes they majoring the off-season not only will take a wild to work themselves out, what with Howard's recovery from back surgery and Nash's injury, but also they have no bench and are unathletic so it is a question whether or not they could Reach a point of being athletic enough to compete with OKC and Miami. That is even leaving aside then competing with the clippers, who are crazy athletic compared to the Lakers.

spurscrazed 11-09-12 04:10 PM

Hmm Nothing new here on Classless Lakers fans. They have always Sucked! :smirk

But Coach's Family should be not involved here.. This is beyond classless...

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