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grizzly_bexar 11-07-12 05:12 PM

The subtle bird by Tim Duncan
Check it out:


Classy and fundamentally sound even when hacked off at some psycho stalker chick.

Eddy from Austin 11-07-12 06:24 PM

Somebody it's going to be in big trouble with Timmy's lawyers for publishing the video on the internet and not blurring the License Plate number.

gwilly101 11-07-12 06:51 PM

Haha that is awesome

gonzo1347 11-07-12 11:42 PM

Looked like he was adjusting his mirror, not flipping anyone off.

uthscsamd 11-08-12 05:54 AM

Looks fake. Lighting on hand during flip doesn't match sunlight on his hands when not flipping. Looks to be unmotivated too. Whose ever given the bird without provocation?

JuanCaca 11-08-12 08:29 AM

ITS CLEARLY INDEX FINGER ADJUSTING MIRROR! and as far as i know fingering is with middle finger... ..and i posted that in that moronic page.

steefposton 11-08-12 07:48 PM

i bet he's pushing some "on star" or navigation button on his mirror.

spurscrazed 11-09-12 04:17 PM

To me it looks like Timmy was simply adjusting that mirror.

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