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SilverSpur 11-03-12 03:45 AM

Who wants Kenyon Martin and/or Antonio McDyess?
After sitting out a season in retirement, former All-Star forward Antonio McDyess is contemplating a return to the NBA. McDyess, 38, has been working out in Houston and has instructed his agent, Andy Miller, to gauge league interest in him. "He would consider coming back and I will be reaching out to select teams," Miller told Yahoo! Sports on Thursday night.

Long considered one of the consummate professionals and gentlemen in the NBA, McDyess played 15 seasons before retiring with the San Antonio Spurs in 2011. Several knee surgeries between 2001 and 2004 perhaps curtailed McDyess prime as perennial All-Star selection, but McDyess had several productive seasons as a role player with Detroit and San Antonio before leaving the league after the 2011 playoffs. In his final season, McDyess averaged 5.3 points and 5.4 rebounds in 19 minutes a game for the Spurs.

Antonio McDyess considering return to NBA - Yahoo! Sports

Alex Kennedy: Teams want Kenyon Martin, but he won't sign for the minimum. That's why someone like Troy Murphy just got signed while Martin sits at home. Twitter @AlexKennedyNBA

td4mvp2k 11-03-12 10:23 AM

K-Mart needs to go back to China.

Jose_TheGenius 11-03-12 07:41 PM

i'd take Dice over Martin. the jumper and defense is more reliable.

SilverSpur 11-05-12 12:41 AM

Rumor has it that the Spurs ARE NOT on the list his agent sent notices to.

Neither are the T-Wolves. For what its worth.

HeloteSpurs 11-05-12 11:53 AM

I like McDyess but I don't know what he has left in him, sitting out an entire year probably wont help either. As much as I hate Kenyon Martin (and believe me I cannot stand the bastard) he would actually be an ok pickup for the Spurs our try moving one of our "bigs" and sign him would be an upgrade.

Jose_TheGenius 11-05-12 12:23 PM


Originally Posted by SilverSpur (Post 1286661)
Rumor has it that the Spurs ARE NOT on the list his agent sent notices to.

Neither are the T-Wolves. For what its worth.

i'd find that shocking. McDyess has been ridiculously loyal to former teams that have taken a chance on him his whole career (Nuggets, Pistons, and Spurs). i'd find it unlikely that he didn't send notice to San Antonio, but at the same time i'm sure the Spurs wouldn't say he did and they'd probably tell his agent to do the same to see his worth.

SilverSpur 11-06-12 04:42 AM

Miami is on his list. He wants a ring. :smirk

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