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exit7 11-02-12 12:39 PM

Tony Parker, Second most Successful PG of all time?
I want to start a debate! Other than Magic Johnson, Tony Parker has been more successful than any other pg in NBA history. Here are the numbers:

3 Championships, 1 Finals MVP award, 4 All Star Games, and has made the playoffs every year of his career (11 times) winning 50 games or more in each of those seasons.

Now other than Magic, who can rival that type of success? He may not be the second BEST pg, but only Magic can claim to be more successful than him.

spurscrazed 11-02-12 12:46 PM

Amen to that exit7! :rockon

Spurs scouts found him and then Molded him at arguably the most wins Sports franchise in the last decade to say the least!

Tony is all about hard work and Great Attitude! He deserves it!
Of course Tim Duncan the Greatest Spur ever and Greatest PF played this game near TP helps but without Pop's system and this Spurs org even the best players would not see much success in such a small market franchise like San Antonio!

Proud of our TP!

Uwe Blab 11-02-12 01:10 PM

If we're talking about pure accomplishments, sure. Although Bob Cousy had 6 championships, 1 MVP, 13 time all star.... but there were only 8 teams in the league back then.

RealMadrid12 11-02-12 01:57 PM

A guy name Isaiah Thomas was very acomplished point guard, He was going agaisnt the likes of Magic(twice) Jordan (his team eliminated the Bulls for quite a few years in a row) and Bird's Celtics (not a walk in park either) so Tony number 3

alh1020 11-02-12 07:32 PM

Magic Johnson revolutionized the concept of point guard and established a whole new set of standards on how they are evaluated, an all-purpose point guard who is extremely tall for the point, able to run the fast break and finish, shooting, driving and especially passing. Eventhough he did have good success during his career and since I'm old school, the guys I've listed below immediately came to mind. They played in a different generation of basketball and during a period when the NBA was just blooming into a league where, as Uwe said above, there weren't many teams in the whole league. But when these guys played, they were the focus of their team and ruled the court from the point. In no particular order:

Bob Cousy, Boston Celtics (I agree with Uwe)
Oscar Robertson, Cincy Royals (comparible to Magic in his day)
Walt Frazier, NY Knicks
Nate Archibald, KC Kings
Jerry West, LA Lakers

Bryhn 11-02-12 07:57 PM

Wow...... At first I was like, 'are you kidding?', but you make a great point. I would say top five in terms of success/accomplishment. However there have been plenty better point guards in the past

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