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Sith Lord 10-25-12 12:35 PM

Stern announces retirement date!
Per espn!


esparzar1 10-25-12 12:44 PM

Feb 1, 2014

There is a God!!!!!

Jose_TheGenius 10-25-12 01:34 PM

the angels are weeping at this news :(

MichaelWi101 10-25-12 02:44 PM

:banana :banana

MichaelWi101 10-25-12 02:44 PM


Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius (Post 1286119)
the angels are weeping at this news :(

As are the lakers

firefox86182 10-25-12 03:56 PM

sounds to good to be true, I hope he hasn't picked satan as his successor...or worse yet rodger godell.

Kager 10-25-12 05:35 PM

The Mayans were two years off.

SilverSpur 10-26-12 08:04 AM


Originally Posted by Kager (Post 1286125)
The Mayans were two years off.


Rzarector7 10-26-12 03:04 PM


b1gdon 10-26-12 05:48 PM

Why do people hate him so much? I think that about 90% of the things that people hate him for were done at the behest of the ownwers. Those things would have occurred no matter who was the commish. Of the other 10%, remember that includes things like blocking that ridiculous Chris Paul trade, RIGHTFULLY suspending Stoudawhiner during the Spurs-Suns series, and being a constant thorn in the side of that a-hole on I-35 400 miles north of here. I think he's been pretty damn good for the NBA and especially the Spurs.

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