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Eddy from Austin 10-23-12 12:12 PM

Spurs Mailbag: Manu Ginobili - Part 1
Spurs Mailbag: Manu Ginobili - Part 1 | THE OFFICIAL SITE OF THE SAN ANTONIO SPURS

Location: Virgina
Question: Like Matt Bonner and his love of sandwiches, is there any food that you enjoy eating while on the road?

Manu Ginobili: (Chuckles) Not particularly. In Argentina, I eat a lot of assado. It's the typical barbecue, either pork or beef. There is a whole culture behind assado and making it.

Daniel Gonzalez
Location: Savannah, GA
Question: The Spurs are down by 5 with 50 seconds to go. What is going through your head?
MG: I want the ball if possible. If a teammate is doing good then, fine, but typically I want to shoot a three or get fouled to stop the clock.

Ana Cavalheiro
Location: Portugal
Question: Hi, Ginobili, can you give any advice to help me to improve my game? I 'm guard. Any secret trick? Thank you

MG: Work hard, become a reliable shooter, that opens a lot of things, and enjoy the game.

Joe Ontivros
Location: San Antonio
Question: My question is What Do you Think of The Los Angles Lakers New Players Steve Nash and Dwight Howard? Are the Lakers Going to be A Bigger Challenge for Now On?

MG: The Lakers are always going to be tough, even if the players weren't there. OKC is getting better so are Dallas and the Clippers; they're all going to be a challenge. Adding talent doesn't always mean you're going to be better.

Carlos Chapa
Location: Monterrey, Mexico
Question: Hola Manu! I would like to ask you how can a veteran player like you stay in shape and add many weapons to his game year after year?
MG: This year I played in the Olympics, so I didn't need to do very much. The other time I try to stay in good shape, with weights and basketball. Usually, I take a month off and then get back into basketball 2 to 3 times a week and weights. I'm not a big fan of running just for running.

Jonathan Harvey
Location: Owings Mills, MD
Question: Manu, I was just wondering what you might plan on doing once your basketball career is over?

MG: I know I'm not going to sit in an office from 8-5.I have very diversified interests. I'm going to do a little bit of everything.

Anthony Gomez
Location: San Antonio, TX
Question: Hi Manu, so what was your biggest fear when entering the league as a Rookie? What's your biggest fear now?
MG: I was not going to have the opportunity to do what I knew I could do. Everyone told me I was going to be able to, but I was still worried.

Ashley Hinchberger
Location: San Antonio
Question: What are some tips for attacking the paint and becoming quicker?
MG: In my case, lateral movement and lateral quickness. I'm very good at making a quick move and changing direction in a small space. I'm not the strongest and don't jump the highest, but I can attack the paint.

Tony Jr.
Location: Virginia
Question: What is your favorite arena to play in for away games?

MG: Madison Square Garden is special, but we don't play there very much. We've had some great battles in Dallas and Phoenix where the crowd is rowdy.

Nicolas Bejarano
Location: Zipaquir, Colombia
Question: Manu llevo ya cierto tiempo jugando Basket y mi sue√Īo como el de la mayor√*a es lograr llegar a la NBA, algo dif√*cil y mi pregunta es ¬ŅCual es la formula para todo el exito que haz tenido?

MG: No no es como que hay una f√≥rmula, si hubo un libro, ser√*a muy f√°cil. Por lo tanto no hay ninguna f√≥rmula, hay que trabajar duro y tratar de encontrar lo que uno es bueno y hacerlo lo mejor de su capacidad.

It is not not like that there is a formula, if there was a book, it would be very easy. Therefore there is no formula, you have to work hard and try to find that one is good and do it the best of its ability.

Question: Te gustar√*a ser DT de Los Spurs o De la selecci√≥n nacional alguna vez si se te da la oportunidad? Chau Idolo.

MG: No, para ser honesto no en todos. No creo que ser DT es para m√*, prefiero ayudar un poco m√°s desde el exterior, me gusta la parte m√°s organizada. Por lo tanto, me gustar√*a ayudar con la selecci√≥n, s√≥lo fuera de la corte.

: No, to be honest not at all. I do not think that being DT is for me, I prefer to help a little more from the outside, I like the more organized party. Therefore, I would like to help with the selection, just outside the court.

Location: Argentina-Rio Negro-Chichinales
Question: Hola!! La pregunta es ¬Ņque se siente ser admirado e idolatrado tanto en Argentina como en Estados Unidos? Gracias por la oportunidad! Te quiero Manu, segui grande como siempre!!

MG: Es un gran honor! Empiezas a dar cuenta con el tiempo que son apreciados y admirados, y se lo agradezco mucho cuando tienes personas que están cruzando la calle decirle cosas bonitas, no se pueden hacer más que estar agradecidos y que ha pagado hace le la sensación que todo el trabajo me he dedicado al baloncesto.

It's a great honor! You start to realize over time that are appreciated and admired, and it I very much appreciate it when you have people who are crossing the street tell you nice things, not be can do more than be grateful and that it has paid since you feel that all the work I've been basketball.

Location: Uruguay
Question: Mi pregunta es como es la preparacion fisica de cara a una temporada tan llena de equipos duros, sobre todo en su conferencia y si el hecho de haber tenido una temporada corta el a√Īo pasasdo los afecta de alguna manera?

MG: La preparaci√≥n f√*sica no es tan dif√*cil como podr√*a pensar la gente. Entrena duro para una semana o dos, y despu√©s uno va en forma de ejecutar juegos por lo tanto all√* no es mucho tiempo durante largos per√*odos y mucho entrenamiento ya jugamos juegos cada d√*a.

The physical preparation is not as hard as people might think. Trains hard for a week or two, and then one is on the way to run games so there is not much time for long periods and lot of training already played games every day.

Mombear 10-23-12 08:12 PM

Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole Manuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu manuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!


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