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Guapo 10-16-12 04:24 PM

Blair's quote
“Everything that happened to me last summer made me grow up a lot and refocus on what needs to be done — not worry about what I can’t control,” he said. “I’m just going to come in and play and give them my all, Spurs or wherever. It’s all fun and games right now. Love the team; love the city; love the fans. I’m here to have fun.”

Spurs Nation

spursfan9 10-16-12 05:17 PM


grizzly_bexar 10-16-12 05:50 PM

Such is life as a millionaire.

tenthousandaces 10-16-12 07:53 PM

Blair has not had huge contracts.

Kager 10-16-12 08:14 PM

Smart from a youngun who knows how he acts not only effects his time with the team but also effects how a potential boss will view him.

choppsboy 10-16-12 10:25 PM

He said the same crap last season after he lost a bunch of weight.

It didn't make him smarter or better able to rotate on defense then, and it won't help now.

Guapo 10-17-12 05:40 AM

Bottom line:

If this were your team. would you trade or keep Blair? Especially given how much work he has put in, etc?

choppsboy 10-17-12 08:13 AM

I would trade him or waive him. I used to like him, and I appreciate his energy and hard work. However, in the pre-season games I have watched, his defensive intelligence hasn't improved. I still don't see him rotating. His defense is worse than Bonners.

I can't see us passing on Witherspoon or Curry because we can't figure out how to trade Blair. Curry may well get fat right after he makes the team, but Blair has done the same thing. At least Curry has an impact when in the game. He is a big dude that clogs up the middle.

But of course this isn't my team, and if Pop decides to keep Blair I am sure his decision is better than mine. I am just a whining fan.

Uwe Blab 10-17-12 09:34 AM

The facts are that Blair only went through this transformation because this is his contract year. Why didn't he do this to begin with? Either way, for now I think you reap the benefits if there are any, and if there's a good trade possibility that comes along you do it in a heartbeat.

MichaelWi101 10-17-12 12:15 PM


Originally Posted by Guapo (Post 1285770)
Bottom line:

If this were your team. would you trade or keep Blair? Especially given how much work he has put in, etc?

I'd trade him, (actually I'd even considering waiving him, that way the Spurs could keep both Curry and Powell...) and you have to wonder if the only reason he put in the work was because, as Uwe says, it's his contract year. Are we seriously expected to believe that he couldn't figure this out prior to this season?

mckennaspur1 10-17-12 01:20 PM

Why would you waive this guy, getting nothing for him when he's obviously prepared to bust his butt during his contract year? He can play great pick 'n' roll, he's a fiend on the offensive glass and he's terrifyingly strong. He may not be right for the Spurs, but even Pop knows to let him play his game.

Keep him on, showcase him through January and deal him in a package for something useful at the trade deadline.

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