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alh1020 10-06-12 01:20 PM

Extension in the works for Ginobili?
Posted on October 6, 2012 at 12:19 pm by Dan McCarney

Are the Spurs looking to give veteran shooting guard Manu Ginobili a contract extension?

Veteran Argentine journalist Julian Mozo seems to think so, Tweeting yesterday that a “little bird from San Antonio” told him the Spurs are “seriously considering” such a move this season.

My colleagues give Mozo high marks for accuracy, so this very well could be the case.

A couple of small but important details:

According to Larry Coon’s exhaustive Collective Bargaining Agreement FAQ, the earliest Ginobili could sign an extension of his already extended contract is April, three years after the date of his last deal (April 9, 2010). Still within the upcoming season, obviously, but a ways off.

If I’m understanding the fine print correctly — and considering I majored in journalism, not economics, that’s not a guarantee — there’s also the provision that veteran contracts are “typically” limited to a 7.5 percent decrease, which wouldn’t take much off Ginobili’s 2011-12 salary of $14.1 million.

So if the Spurs are going to ask Ginobili to take the kind of cut Duncan just did — hardly unreasonable for a shooting guard in the latter half of his 30s who just acknowledged at media day that he’s “fine” with his career earnings — it’s probably more likely they’ll just wait until the offseason. Especially considering Ginobili also said he’s almost certainly going to play with the Spurs next season or not at all.

Still getting my feet wet on the beat, so I’m not 100 percent sure how either of these restrictions apply, if at all. But NBA contracts are much more complicated than simply signing names on dotted lines. (Colleague Mike Monroe, who has been covering the Association almost as long as I’ve been alive, has a few calls in with People Who Know to check on the CBA details.)

If I had to wager a completely uneducated guess about where this is at, Ginobili and the front office are probably just chatting to get an idea about who’s comfortable with what — length, money, etc.

It seems relatively clear, given Ginobili’s comments on media day and the Spurs’ extreme preference for continuity, he’s going to be here next year if he still wants to play. The rest, as it were, is just details.

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