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SilverSpur 09-25-12 07:08 AM

Bowen says Spurs' window has closed
That's not enough to keep them from being written off as contenders by most, something that has become a preseason tradition over the last few years. Even their former starting small forward Bruce Bowen, who had his jersey retired by the franchise earlier this year, thinks last season may have been their best shot to add a fifth championship.

"I think they will always have the chance to be top three of the West," Bowen told HoopsHype. "I think it was a telltale situation last year as far as experience winning over everything else. As (David) Robinson said, the supporting cast of the Spurs didn't have that kind of playoff experience. They weren't really tested in the previous rounds. With the Thunder, they needed to do some necessary adjustments. (Danny) Green and (Kawhi) Leonard, they had never been in that position before. It was a little different.

"In this game you can't just say 'Oh well, next year we'll get it.' You have to take advantage of your opportunities when you have them. And that was a huge opportunity for the Spurs. They just got beat by a younger version of them in Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden. They are a big three, defensive-minded, young, athletic team. You can't teach youth in the NBA. In essence, the pupil surpassed the teacher."

Is the Spurs' championship window still open? ? USATODAY.com

grizzly_bexar 09-25-12 08:00 AM

No doubt last year was their best chance. Everybody was healthy. They had HCA and the experience edge.

But they should have improvement from key guys this year and several new additions. OKC is still great but they flamed out at the end so there's no guarantee they'll be back. Remember one of the hardest things to do is get back to the Finals again after you've lost out on the title.

choppsboy 09-25-12 08:29 AM

I think that Bruce Bowen has purposefully spoke out against the Spurs whenever he has had the opportunity so he isn't accused of being a Homer Like Sean Elliott was.

I am not a big fan of Bowen's analysis or commentary.

Spurd_On 09-25-12 11:02 AM

"In this case, the pupil surpassed the teacher".

Yes, and as he states, it was a blown opportunity. Nowhere does he say "The Window Has Closed". Those are the reporter's words.

By game 3, the Thunder had not only figured out themselves but they figured out last year's Spurs. The Thunder will be more difficult to beat this year than they were last year.

The big question becomes: Will the Spurs be more difficult to beat this year than they were last year? Let's see if Pop has designs on making that so.

Uwe Blab 09-25-12 11:17 AM

Some people are in denial here. The Spurs didn't blow it. They got beat by a better team that was equipped to stop the head of the snake (Parker). And after the head of a snake, there's nothing else that's lethal.

SilverSpur 09-26-12 01:48 AM

The window closed. Spurs didn't make any moves to try it open that I can see. Bowen is right.

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