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alh1020 09-24-12 04:18 PM

Spurs Training Camp Fodder??
This is not a pop quiz and there won't be any prizes for the correct answer, I'm just curious. Does anybody know who the Spurs have scheduled or invited to attend their training camp who is not signed to a guaranteed contract besides Derrick Brown? I just wonder who the Spurs might also be watching at up close and personal. Thanks.

katyspursfan 09-24-12 04:58 PM

I've had the occasional September dream that it might be me.

But I get too bossy in the dream, so I'd clash with Pop. And that Robinson was a slacker in training camp. I put him in his place.
As much as any PG sized, out of shape white guy can put DRob in his place. But in my dreams, baby....

Other than that, I got nothing :)

alh1020 09-24-12 05:21 PM

Next time I get into a 3-on-3 and need an equalizer, I’ll give you a ring.

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