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alh1020 09-24-12 11:46 AM

Olajuwon says Miami can win 3 out of 5 NBA titles
Before LeBron James moved more of his game to the post last year — before he became the most dangerous four in the league — he spent time in Houston with Hakeem Olajuwon. Working on his post moves.

Olajuwon was impressed. Impressed with LeBron’s physical skills, impressed with his mentality. And speaking with the Sun-Sentinel, Olajuwon didn’t shy away with a bold prediction for what the Heat can do next (hat tip SLAM).
“I think it will be much easier for him,” Olajuwon says. “All the pressure of, ‘OK, can he do it?’ That’s gone now.”…
“The goal is different,” Olajuwon says. “It’s not to prove a point to people. Now it’s just to take advantage of the opportunity: ‘Can we really achieve something great in the real sense? Can we get three out of five [championships]?’…
“That is a very realistic goal,” he says. “In fact, it’s scary.”

It is not 7, but it is realistic. Although far from easy. This season Miami should be the class of the East, which would send them to their third straight NBA finals. The road is not going to be smoother — there are teams lurking in the East if the Heat stumble, teams like the Celtics and Pacers are not far behind (with good teams like the Bulls still out there once Derrick Rose gets fully healthy). If you get past them the Thunder or Lakers will be waiting in the finals, both with plenty of talent.

But the Heat are more dangerous now because they figured out who they are as a team, they have embraced small ball.

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Spurd_On 09-24-12 12:00 PM

The Dream is really going out on a limb with this prediction. [sarcasm]

Guapo 09-24-12 08:11 PM

I agree. Spurs did nothing to counter the moves there. Miami got deeper and more dangerous. LeBron and Wade got more hungry.

Flipmode Master 09-24-12 10:20 PM

Olajuwon is right...the pressure is gone for LeBron but the hunger for more is still there.

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