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Jose_TheGenius 09-23-12 06:44 PM

Catching up with Bruce Bowen
It's been five years since the last championship ring for the Spurs. The franchise still has faith in the Big Three to win it all one more time. Has it been a good decision?

Bruce Bowen: Yeah, absolutely. I think when you have those players that have been together that long, what they do is they enhance other people's game. You look at Danny Green; he had a great season, the best season of his career, but a lot of it was because of the Big Three – Manu, Tim and Tony – being able to understand the game and set guys up to be successful. You look at Kawhi Leonard, who had a fantastic rookie season... You know, when you're able to blend in guys with a core like that, it's not about the egos, it's more about helping the other guys become better. You know, Tim Duncan is no longer the Tim Duncan of five years ago. His role has changed a bit. So if you're able to sustain groups longer, then you have guys that are willing to no longer be the man and do whatever they can in order to help the team.

HoopsHype - Catching up with Bruce Bowen

JuanCaca 09-25-12 12:48 PM

i was dreaming bruce in SA coaching staff... coaching some defense to perimeter players...

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