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Guapo 09-19-12 05:41 PM

Spurs misss out (?) on another free agent big man
A very solid source tell me that Chris Andersen is set to sign (negotiating) with the Miami Heat.

Anderson is a good guy who got a bad rap with "an investigation" that was pure B.S. and a set-up at the hands of a blackmailer.

Someday it will all come out and I really wish him well.


Kager 09-19-12 06:13 PM

I wish him well but I will not miss him at all.

WILLTHETHRILL 09-19-12 06:24 PM

Thought he was banned from the league???????????? Where is the nimrod who said that?

Jose_TheGenius 09-19-12 07:02 PM

bleh. seeing as how Anderson was desperate to sign with a team for the minimum, it means more the Spurs didn't want him than SA missing out

Spurd_On 09-19-12 07:38 PM

How many players does Miami have now? 25?

td4mvp2k 09-19-12 07:44 PM

Agree, Spurs don't need garbage.

WILLTHETHRILL 09-19-12 09:37 PM


Originally Posted by td4mvp2k (Post 1284879)
Agree, Spurs don't need garbage.

found him

choppsboy 09-20-12 08:17 AM

Headline should have been;

Spurs missing out on players that they don't need and wouldn't help their team.

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