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alh1020 09-19-12 12:39 PM

Duncan, Garnett got no trade clauses in new contracts
Both Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett did something for their teams this summer — the veteran superstars took huge pay cuts on new deals, making less than half of what they did before, to give the franchises some financial flexibility (and less of a tax burden).

But both got something in return — no trade clauses.

Mark Deeks, the man behind the fantastic Sham Sports (which has the best NBA contract info out there) reports on twitter that both Duncan and Garnett got full no-trade clauses in their new deals.

They join Kobe Bryant and Dirk Nowitzki as the only four guys with such clauses.

Of course, those guys are four franchise icons that their respective teams would likely never trade… but you should never say never so the players like the insurance.

Both Garnett and Duncan signed three-year contracts. They likely are the last NBA contracts for both players.

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Jose_TheGenius 09-19-12 01:25 PM

not surprised about Duncan. i don't think the Spurs would've traded him during the last year of his contract. KG, on the other hand, that was a toss up.

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