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SilverSpur 09-12-12 02:04 AM

Raja Bell's pending buyout
Raja Bell has yet to give the Utah Jazz a decision on a contract buyout as the two sides continue to work toward reaching an agreement, his agent told RealGM on Tuesday. “We’re talking to their new GM [Dennis Lindsey] and working on it,” agent Herb Rudoy said by phone. RealGM

Contrary to multiple reports last month that Bell had been refusing the buyout proposal from the Jazz, Rudoy confirmed that "he hasn’t rejected or accepted anything.”

Raja Bell Continuing To Work On Buyout With Jazz - RealGM Wiretap

grizzly_bexar 09-12-12 09:35 AM

I think this guy's time has passed, at least as far as being able to contribute on this team. I would have taken him before we made the move to get Jackson last year, but now that we have so many good wing players, including defenders, there really seems to be no place for him on this team.

SleepyAdamII 09-12-12 10:06 AM

But we have Ime as a coach already...

Wesley33177 09-12-12 01:15 PM

The spurs need a bigman not another guard.

Spurd_On 09-12-12 03:31 PM

I smell Lakers.

katyspursfan 09-12-12 05:15 PM

I'm guessing that Jose is already getting wood.

Jose_TheGenius 09-12-12 06:20 PM


Originally Posted by katyspursfan (Post 1284723)
I'm guessing that Jose is already getting wood.

i would if we didn't have 7 guards on our roster

Mombear 09-12-12 09:51 PM


SilverSpur 09-20-12 12:35 AM

Utah's regular-season roster is currently set at 15 players entering camp, which is the maximum allowed by the NBA once the regular season begins. Veteran guard Raja Bell isn't expected play for the team or participate during camp, though, and his long-delayed buyout with the Jazz has yet to be resolved.

Jazz to invite Gilder to preseason camp | The Salt Lake Tribune

SilverSpur 09-22-12 02:14 AM

The buyout that was expected to come in July still hasn't arrived for Raja Bell. Because of that, the veteran guard recognizes that even a possible move into free agency might not mean the opportunity to suit up for his hometown Miami Heat. The defensive-minded swingman with 3-point range said Friday that he remains hopeful of receiving his release from the Utah Jazz in advance of next week's start of training camp and that few teams hold the allure of the Heat. "They would be on the top of my list, for sure," he said on 640 Sports' Andy Slater Show. "Again, hometown crowd, my kids are in elementary school here. It'd be great for me to get a chance to play here in Miami where I grew up and I know a lot of people, and be a part of this history that they're going to make for the city. But that's not always just up to me."

Utah Jazz guard Raja Bell speaks of buyout, possible move to NBA champion Miami Heat. - South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com

td4mvp2k 09-22-12 04:03 PM

It would be good if the Spurs can get him any way they can.

SilverSpur 09-29-12 11:11 PM

The Utah Jazz will open training camp Tuesday with 19 players on their roster, including disgruntled guard Raja Bell, though the team and his agent have mutually agreed the 35-year-old should not attend. The team is allotted 20 spots for camp but must trim its roster to 15 before the regular season starts.Bell is taking up one of those spots. He is scheduled to make $3.5 million in the final year of his contract but has publicly feuded with coach Tyrone Corbin and indicated the relationship had suffered "irreparable damage."

Bell averaged 6.4 points in 34 games last season for the Jazz. He started 33 of those games but had his minutes decreased by Corbin, from 30.8 a game in 2010-11 to 23.4 last year.

He joined the team for the second time as a free agent in 2010. Bell's hallmarks are his three-point shooting and aggressive defense, and he is best remembered for clotheslining Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant in a 2006 playoff game.

Jazz general manager Dennis Lindsey said Friday that the two sides agreed it was in their best interests Bell not rejoin the team.

Efforts to finalize a buyout have not been successful.

Jazz give Raja Bell roster spot, but no one wants him to report

td4mvp2k 09-30-12 10:02 AM

Great opportunity for a deal. GET ON IT!

SilverSpur 10-01-12 05:02 AM


Originally Posted by td4mvp2k (Post 1285161)
Great opportunity for a deal. GET ON IT!

He has made it clear huge wants to join the Lakers and that he'll do it cheap.

td4mvp2k 10-23-12 05:08 PM

Raja Bell's agent Herb Rudoy has said today that Bell and the Jazz have ended buyout talks and are now looking for a trade. If it wasnt sure before it sure is now, if a team can get him with another player (like a big) then I think they have a trade and they also get him out of Utah which is what he and the team want most.

steefposton 10-23-12 11:59 PM

Fine, Bell and Jefferson for Blair/Neal/Joseph.

Done and done

(no idea if this works salary wise, probably doesn't)

b1gdon 10-24-12 01:38 PM


Originally Posted by steefposton (Post 1286086)
Fine, Bell and Jefferson for Blair/Neal/Joseph.

Done and done

(no idea if this works salary wise, probably doesn't)

Al Jefferson is on the final year of a huge $15M contract, so no it wouldn't work salary wise. But while we are at impossible incredibly one sided trades, the Spurs could send over Matt Bonner, a resigned Eddy Curry, the remaining 2 years of a lease for a 2008 Ford Focus and a coupon for a $2 off a large pizza for Jefferson and Milsap.

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