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SilverSpur 09-09-12 01:53 AM

Why not Mickael Pietrus?
From a Toronto newspaper:

I do know there has been some internal discussion of Pietrus, who remains arguably the best player without a contract. But the fact is, these guys don’t have the money to pay him, a lot of their exceptions were eaten up by the likes of Aaron Gray, Alan Anderson and John Lucas, all of whom fill roles. Now, I do think they should call Pietrus’s agent and see if he’d be willing to work on a minimum-value deal and I presume that call will be made, it’s only prudent business to do so. However, I doubt a team like Toronto for a minimum value deal would be attractive to Pietrus.

Doug Smith's Sports Blog

choppsboy 09-09-12 09:38 AM

Because Pietrus isn't better than . . .

Kawhi Leonard
Stephen Jackson
Manu Ginobili
gary Neal
Daniel Green
and probably
Nando De Colo and Patty Mills.

When would he play?

Besides the fact that he sucks and has always sucked.

Here is a quick Hollinger quote on him; "After showing so much promise as a two-way threat in the 2009 playoffs, Pietrus has regressed to the point where he's barely playable. Last season he did little but launch 3s, and not terribly accurately."

Jose_TheGenius 09-09-12 11:11 AM

for Toronto, they should try it. Pietrus is good enough to be a starting 2 in the league. a lot of teams are scared to throw money at him since he's really injury prone though.

SleepyAdamII 09-09-12 02:14 PM

Why Not Zoidberg?

grizzly_bexar 09-10-12 08:01 AM

Agree with the above answers, but the short answer is he's worse than every player we have at a position we are already well-stocked at.

We don't need another wing. We need a big man.

SilverSpur 09-12-12 02:01 AM

YEs, but... He's FRENCH! :wink

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