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Impressions of 1st summer league game

Here are my opinions about the 1st summer league game.

Kawhi Leonard - Was a beast defensively. He just dominated some guys defensively. He blocked one shot coming down on the player. It was suffocation. Offensively, Kawhi was very aggressive driving to the basket. He started out a little rough, but came around in the second half. His slashing drives were great.

Corey Joseph - Joseph looked a lot like he looked to me on the Spurs last season. He was very aggressive going to the basket, but he would get out of control. Although out of control, he somehow managed to make a bunch of crazy layups. In an earlier post someone compared him to TP. I thought that was a great comparison (especially early in TP's career) except that Joseph did make some outside shots. Defensively, Corey was very aggressive. You can see the potential there for a great defensive player. He is not a "pure" point guard as some have suggested.

Eric Dawson - for a 6' 9" player, he played very big IMHO. He did a great job rebounding and playing defense. He showed a couple moves in the paint, but nothing to brag about.

Marcus Denmon - Didn't show much. Looked a little lost. He is a little guy. . . . Not sure he is going to make the roster (just one summer league game though)

James Anderson - For a guy who as been in the league as long as he has, he looked pretty bad. He didn't do anything. I think he had one impressive layup, but that was about it.

Ryan Richards - 1st, the guy took some really crappy shots, including an 3 point attempt. That isn't going to get him anywhere with POP. On the other hand, he is a big guy. He ran the floor very well, and looked very energetic. He showed some aggressiveness in the post, but it didn't amount to any good baskets. Maybe he will get better in future games. He looked a lot better than Luke Zeller IMHO.
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I thought joseph looked real good. Even the announcers said he looked under control out there. His shot looked real nice. And he has good size and length for a defensive point.

Dawson had a good game but his lack of height, length, and athleticism showed when benson got rebounds over him and shot over him with ease. He does have a nice 15 foot jumper though. He is wide and strong also. He's not going to block shots though.
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Being that it was their first summer league game, I wasn’t expecting much and got the same. Both Atlanta and the Spurs were rusty to start with and neither scored their first basket until about half way through the 1st period. Turnovers at the start kind of signaled the guys trying to hurry the flow or just plain mistakes. However, after the 1st period, turnovers were limited for the Spurs.

Joseph and Leonard both started out rusty but really got into the game as it progressed. The Spurs sense of defense was present with both throughout the game, aggressive, as Choppsboy had mentioned above. Aside from Joseph and Leonard, I wasn’t overly impressed with any of the other players but again, I wasn’t expecting much in the first game.

Dawson showed a lot of hustle but as mentioned above, size and agility may be his limiting factors. I hope Anderson has a good agent because he was a no-show here and this game didn’t help his profile. This was the first time I’ve seen Richards and I liked that he ran the court well, showed his agility and has very fast feet for a big. His shot selection may have been questionable.

This was only the first of five games and I’m sure Coach Vaughn was trying to get a feel for what he has and will be trying to find a blend of talent to have on the court at the same time. I think after a few games together against other NBA team competition, the guys will get more relaxed and the more talented prospects will step forward.
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