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truebeliever 07-09-12 12:41 PM

Rafael Hettsheimeir?
The Dallas Mavericks have made an offer to Brazilian center Rafael Hettsheimeir. Hettsheimeir is going to the United States for a series of interviews, medical examinations and meetings with leaders of (other) teams interested.


I wonder if The Other teams may be the Spurs? Due to the Proximity and the Tiago connection. Looks like a CIA Pop move...

But - WOW- How Cuban has fallen......

Jose_TheGenius 07-09-12 02:38 PM

with how little playing time Tiago has gotten and especially getting chewed out most of the time instead of guys like Bonner/Blair getting screamed at, i don't see Tiago vouching for Pop's coaching maneuvers.

there's been plenty of guys who've been frustrated with how Pop coaches them when they're 2nd/3rd string (Kerr, Daniels, Mason, Blair, Splitter, Finley, etc.)

Cuban has enough roster space and salary cap space to overpay anyone right now, so he'll get a FA he wants if the price is more than right.

Guapo 07-11-12 02:42 AM

Here's one that will get people talking...

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/KEiffM8Z-pk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

choppsboy 07-11-12 08:19 AM

Who is that guy Rafael keeps burning in the paint?

grizzly_bexar 07-11-12 09:17 AM

He seems to have a much better face up game then splitter does. Give that man a contract!

Guapo 07-11-12 10:57 AM

But I can't help but notice that those two (Splitter and he) have a very "messy" looking shot.

Jose_TheGenius 07-11-12 12:12 PM


good enough for me :lol

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